JFK Airport Transfer Taxi (JFK)

JFK Airport Taxi

JFK Airport Transfer

Are you travelling to New York City or you are already in the city, and you intend to make any travelling by air?Do you plan on using the John F Kennedy (JFK) international airport? Do you need information and possible options for transfer to and from the airport? Look no further; we offer airport transfer services from the JFK airport to any part of the city. We offer transfer services ranging from minivan, train, airport taxi, to even private taxis to suit whatever needsyou might desire.

Airport Transfer by Train

Using a train to get to any location in New York City is possible, and if you intend to use this transfer option, you should have no problem. You could go through the Jamaican station. It is one of the closest stations to JFK, and it has several lines that operate within the station. Tracks such as Port Hempstead, Babylon, Long Beach amongst others. The AirTrain JFK is required to convey passengers to the station.

An alternative is the use of the subway. You could use the Howard Beach or the Sutphin Boulevard which are the closest subway stations to JFK. These mode of transfer are one of the cheapest and easiest to use from JFK.

A metro card is used for payment of the fare. It can be bought at the vending machines or the information desk in the station, and the fare to Manhattan costs about $ 7.75 for a one-way Airtrain ticket and $5.00 for a subway ride. The journey time is within 60- 90 minutes.

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Airport Transfer by Bus/Couch

You can use a bus to transport to and from the airport, although the bus mode of transport has the disadvantage of not having accessibility to every location. The bus stop is close to terminal 5. From the terminal, you can get three bus lines, the B15, Q3, and Q10.

The transportation fare is $2.75, and it is paid for with a metro card or individually. Journey time is dependent on the distance of the place. If you decide to use an express bus to transport into Manhattan, it has an additional fee of USD$6.25

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Airport Transfer by Taxi

The JFK airport taxi costs about $52 to transport to the Manhattan area of the city, and the journey is estimated at 45 minutes. A disadvantage of using a taxi is that the traffic could be prolonged especially at certain hours.

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Private Airport Taxi Transfer

This is by far the most convenient option of transfer from JFK. The price of this transfer option depends on the type of care you need. There are several private taxi companies offering transportation to people from JFK to different locations in New York. Some of them include;

  • Go Airlink
  • NYC
  • LaGuardia Airport Private Transfer
  • JFK Airport Private Limousine Transfer
  • Private Transfer JFK Airport- Brooklyn Terminal.

Airport Car Rentals

To rent a car from JFK, you will need a valid driver’s license, a passport, a credit card and must not be less than 18 years. Car rental companies close to JFK are

  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car
  • Budget Car Rental
  • JFK Auto Rental
  • Hertz
  • Image Rent A Car

The price of renting a car varies based on the type of car the duration of usage and the date of booking.

Airport Maps

There are so many shops and restaurants to stop by in JFK to make your visit worthwhile. Whether you decide to visit the Central Diner, Camden Foods Express or Flatiron coffee house, you are sure to have really great and tasty meals. You can also stop by Starbucks, World Bean, Dunkin Chocolates or any of the other main shops to shop for anything of your choice.

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Top-Rated Airport Taxi Companies

  • Gallant Luxury and Car Service
  • JFK Airport Central Taxi Hold
  • JFK Airport Taxi and Limo Service