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Market tour and Private Cooking Class in Rome with roman chef

clock 4 hours
  • This tour will take you on a food tour where you'll get to learn everything as if you were a local. On this tour, there'll be a chance to shop, dine and cook like a local
  • Travelers get to meet their chefs at the busy Mercato Esquilino and pick out the best ingredients for their meals. After this, they head over to a kitchen where they get to enjoy welcome drinks and snacks Read more
  • Next, its time to start the cooking. An expert chef will provide you with the best instructions and tips about how to go about making traditional Italian dishes such as ravioli or tiramisu. When done with the cooking, travelers will get to eat and enjoy a 3-course meal with the best wine
  • What You'll Do:

  • On this tour, travelers will get to learn the secrets of making homemade pasta and other traditional dishes from an expert chef
  • There will be a visit to the busy Mercato Esquilino to pick the best ingredients for your meals. After the cooking, there will be a 3-course meal for everyone to sit down and enjoy with some tasty wine
  • At the end of everything, travelers will get a chef's kit, certificate and recipes to relive the experience another time
  • What It Includes:

  • The tour includes glasses of tasty Italian wine. There's also bottled water to keep travelers refreshed during the tour
  • There's wine tasting for everyone on the tour
  • The price paid for you includes all local taxes
  • There will be a certificate of completion and a chef's kit (apron, hat, and towel) presented to travelers
  • Recipes of traditional dishes will also be sent to travelers by email
  • There'll also be enough to eat with delicious snacks to enjoy
  • There's a vegetarian option but it has to be specified during booking
  • Travellers Talk:

  • This experience was a great time. The chef was really a professional and his tips worked like magic
  • I would love to go on a similar tour sometime in the future
  • Is It Right:

  • This tour is a great experience for any food lovers and anyone interested in learning about native Italian food
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Tuscany Guided Day Trip from Rome with Lunch & Wine Tasting

clock 12 hours
  • Discover the highlights of the wonderful Tuscan province in a single day.
  • An opportunity taste locally produces wines at a real Tuscan winery. Read more

    What You'll Do:

  • Travel by coach from Central Rome and make stops at points of interest in Tuscany.
  • Visit a UNESCO World Heritage protected village and take a tour of a local vineyard.
  • Share a delicious lunch with your fellow travellers and sample a mix of red and white wines.
  • What It Includes:

  • Transport from/to Rome.
  • Onboard guide.
  • Lunch.
  • Food and wine tastings.
  • Travellers Talk:

  • This is a highly recommended tour with whopping 5-star average scores from TripAdvisor and Viator users.
  • Most travellers will tell you that the full-day trip will take you to "breath-taking" places and that the long bus journey is defiantly worth it.
  • Is It Right:

  • This is ideal for people who enjoy group coach tour and for people who are interested in visiting beautiful places in Tuscany.
  • Great for visitors with mixed interests, this tour combines history, nature, wine and local food.
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Budget-friendly Street Food Tour of Trastevere Quarter Smaller Group

clock 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Trastevere is considered one of the most iconic neighborhoods in Rome. This is a 3-hour tour that takes travelers through the corners and streets of the town and introduced them to the delicious food of the region
  • The tour will also take travelers around the best action attractions such as Sistus Bridge, the church of Santa Maria and Piazza Trilussa. It's a small group tour that offers a personalized experience for everyone Read more
  • The tour is restricted to a maximum of 15 people. Instead of a regular tour, it feels like walking through the city in a friendly atmosphere
  • What You'll Do:

  • Travelers will get to walk through the beautiful streets of the city and experience what it means to be a local. Travelers will enjoy a personalized experience that is designed for only a small group
  • .
  • There will also be different food tastings and a chance to enjoy meals like a local
  • Get familiar with the major action attractions which exist in the city
  • What It Includes:

  • There are different food tastings for travelers to enjoy on the tour
  • There's is a professional tour guide to lead you through the city
  • The guide is going to be familiar with the city and the best food spots
  • The price paid for the tour includes all prices, handling charges and fees
  • It's a small group tour which is limited to a maximum of 15 people
  • It's a private tour and only those booked for it will participate
  • Travellers Talk:

  • The guide was knowledgeable and showed a lot of commitment to getting us around the city
  • He also knew all the best food spots and the history behind every corner
  • Is It Right:

  • Are you interested in learning about the historical city of Trastevere? This is the right tour for you
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Half-Day Food and Wine Tasting Tour in Rome

clock 4 hours
  • A gastronomic tour of the capital of Italy introducing some of the finest Italian specialties.
  • The walking tour takes visitors from the Centro Storico to Trastevere, a neighborhood famous for the best restaurants in the city. Read more
  • Travelers have a great opportunity to familiarize themselves with first-class Italian wines on this guided tour.
  • What You'll Do:

  • Walk your way through the center of the city and the Trastevere neighborhood in search of exceptional dining.
  • Taste cheese, pizza, fried fish and other specialties of the Italian cuisine.
  • Learn to pair Italian wines with the delicious food for the best dining experience.
  • What It Includes:

  • An expert tour guide passionate about Italian gastronomy.
  • Tastings of food and wine.
  • A walking tour in a small group.
  • Travellers Talk:

  • Great way to discover foods and wines of Rome...
  • This tour was a high light of our trip to Rome.
  • Take the tour. You will not be disappointed!
  • Is It Right:

  • If you consider yourself a gourmand, this tour may as well be the highlight of your Roman experience.
  • The walking tour is particularly recommended to fans of cheese, gelato, fish and pizza.
  • Wine enthusiasts should benefit of a big pleasure by joining this activity.
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Taste of Rome: Very Small Group Food Tour

clock 4 hours
  • Perhaps, you've tried enough of Gelato and Pizza. Then it's time for you to have a taste of other traditional Italian delights
  • This tour will introduce you to other delicious but less popular Italian dishes on this small-group food tour. It will definitely introduce you to how locals eat and drink. There will be stops at the most popular sports in the city where you can enjoy these undiluted taste Read more
  • During this tour, you'll get a chance to try out Roman dishes such as suppli and saltimbocca Alla Romana. At the same time, the tour will teach you about the culinary history of Rome and the interesting things to note about the city
  • What You'll Do:

  • Travelers will be taken on a half-day, small-group food tour of the beautiful city of Rome. Travelers will only be able to travel in groups of eight people
  • There's a chance for you to enjoy views away from regular tourist tracks and visit two of the most popular Roman neighborhoods. Try out the not-so-popular Italian dishes that will leave you asking for more
  • The tour will also give you the chance to try your hands on some tasty local wines and pair it with your food
  • What It Includes:

  • Travelers will be offered bottled water to keep them refreshed
  • There will also be snacks along the way before you get to try out the main meal
  • There's going to be lunch and dinner during the tour
  • Alcoholic beverages will also be offered to pair with the main meal
  • It's a small-group your die a more personalized experience
  • It's a private tour and only those booked for it will take part
  • Travellers Talk:

  • The food tour was a great evening to spend in Rome. It exposed travelers to traditional food shops and stores in the city
  • The guide was informative and revealed important details about the city. The tour exceeded all expectations and offered great value for money
  • Is It Right:

  • If you've tried out the popular Italian foods, you can try out this one to enjoy another taste of the city
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The Trastevere Tipsy Tour in Rome

clock 2 hours 30 minutes
  • The Trastevere Tipsy Tour is the perfect opportunity to meet other travellers and explore Rome’s most popular neighbourhood by night. Along the way we will be tasting traditional Italian drinks and delving into the area’s dark and fascinating history.

    The best way to start any night is Bubbles! We will get to know the group over a few...Read more

Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, and Campo Dei Fiori Market Food and Wine Tour

clock 4 hours
  • It is a walking tour that takes you around Rome's most beautiful areas with lots of food to eat, drink, sightsee and learn
  • This tour is very informative with a local and fun guide who will lead you to top places like the Pantheon, Marcus Aurelius Column, the farmer's market in Campo de " Fiori, Piazza Navona, the Trevi Fountain, Piazza Montecitorio, Pompey Theatre, and many other sites Read more
  • It gives you the privilege to tour and taste foods from 10 different eateries, meet with top local innkeepers, food artisans, and producers. It also allows you to enjoy a rich lunch amidst the ruins of the oldest theatre in Rome which is a highlight of the tour
  • What You'll Do:

  • See all the major attractions and sights in the city of Rome
  • Get led by a local guide to some of the hidden top attractions in the city with their stories and facts
  • Taste foods and wines from numerous eateries at some of the best food stops around Rome
  • Explore some of the famous sites such as the Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona, Campo de " Fiori's farmers market, the Pantheon, and many more
  • Get entertained by Roman cultural activities based on recommendations from your local guide and experience the best of Rome's cuisines
  • The highlight of this tour is lunch amongst the ruins of the oldest and ancient theatre in Rome
  • What It Includes:

  • Free food to taste from 10 different restaurants and eateries in Rome
  • Rich lunch among Rome's most ancient theatre ruins
  • Professional local guide
  • Mobile and paper printed tickets are accepted
  • Free wine, beer and soft drinks to drink
  • Walking tour around Rome
  • Children must be in the company of adults at all times
  • Maximum of 16 tourists per group (except on special arrangements)
  • Tourists should dress smart and wear comfortable shoes as the tour includes entering a church
  • Moderate Physical fitness level is required as the tour involves walking
  • Travellers Talk:

  • Travellers say they enjoyed they food, wine and drinks with plenty of knowledge from their tour guides who took them to great places
  • Others say it was a wonderful experience with great food, wine and an excellent guide who took them around top spots in Rome
  • Is It Right:

  • It is right for travellers who want to embark on some form of physical activity around the city of Rome, but it is definitely not suitable for people with limited mobility
  • Although anyone can participate in this tour activity, it is not right for people with service animals as it is not allowed
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Rome: Pizza making experience

clock 2 hours
  • In Rome city center, there is a special food experience going on: an exclusive Italian Pizza making experience.

    Enjoy 2 hours experience and, under the guidance of professional chefs, learn how to make the real italian pizza. During this journey throughout the Italian tradition of making pizza, listen the techniques and tips in how to...Read more

Pasta Making with Wine Tasting and Dinner in Frascati

clock 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Are you a lover of the special Italian special pasta? This tour doesn't only introduce you to the unique Italian pasta, there's also a great walking tour to take yours around Frascati
  • After your walk around the small town, its time for you to enjoy some special wines and take part in an Italian cooking class. The cooking class is a great way for you to make traditional Roman-style pasta Read more
  • When you're done with cooking, you can then enjoy the meal with your other travel companions
  • What You'll Do:

  • Travelers will get to walk around the beautiful town of Frascati. There's going to be a beautiful dinner of the delicious Roman-style pasta which you have just made
  • There's no need for you to worry about anything because everything you need will be provided for you
  • It's going to be a cooking experience where you also get to walk around and experience the beautiful town
  • What It Includes:

  • The tour includes a delicious dinner of the Roman-style pasta which you have just made
  • You'll get all the items and instruments that you need to complete your whole meal
  • There are also some delicious snacks for everyone to try out
  • The tour also includes special wine tastings
  • It's a small group tour that is designed to hold a maximum of 18 people
  • Anyone from any part of the world can participate in the tour
  • Service animals are allowed to travel with their owners
  • Travellers Talk:

  • The experience was a really wonderful one and was a once-in-a-lifetime experience
  • We walked around the beautiful town of Frascati and ended everything with some pasta and wine
  • Is It Right:

  • This tour is recommended for anyone who is a fan of adventure and wants to enjoy Roman-style pasta
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Rome: Market food tour & Pizza class

clock 2 hours 30 minutes
  • In Rome city center, there is a special food experience going on: an exclusive local market tour with food tasting combined with a Pizza cooking class.

    During this 2.5-hour experience, take a walk in the most beautiful and ancient market of Rome: Campo de Fiori Market. During this visit, you will have the opportunity to taste some typical...Read more

Ravioli and tomato sauce from scratch + Tiramisu. Small Group class

clock 3 hours
  • Everybody has a work station with a cooktop to let everybody cook individually following instructions step by step and after that you get to eat your well deserved meal!

    We have individual stations.

    It means that if there are 10 participants there will be 10 sauce pan simmering, one per person

    You are not going to share pots...Read more

Frascati Pizza Making and Wine Tasting Tour

clock 4 hours
  • Would you like to have a relaxing traditional break from the bustle of Rome, but you don't know where to go?
    Here is what you need: a Pizza Making and Wine Tasting Tour in one of the most fascinating and famous cities around Rome: Frascati.
    Besides the Pizza making and the wine tasting with a Maestro Pizzaiolo, this half day tour will give...Read more

Rome Gelato Making Class

clock 2 hours
  • The whole family will learn the secrets of making fresh artisanal gelato in one of the most authentic gelateria of Rome. From the history of gelato in Italy to how the freshest, seasonal ingredients make the simplicity of gelato delicious (and healthy!), you're kids will experience the joys of Rome through its food at this fun...Read more

SuperVipYacht Cruise from Rome: Private Fullday Tyrrhenian Sea Excursion

clock 9 hours
  • Experience true luxury while on a private fullday yacht cruise sailing along the Tyrrhenian coast from Rome.
    Enjoy your brunch on board as your escort tells you about the history of the Etruscan era.
    Later, have lunch after exploring the small port town of Santa Marinella.
    Head back to Rome at the end of your...Read more

Morning Food Tour with Lunch by Golf Cart

clock 3 hours 30 minutes
  • Get the day started with the best food in Rome on a guided golf cart tour. Explore the city's vibrant streets and try delicious breakfast, treats from the fresh market, pasta with wine and gelato.

    You can sit back and relax while you’re whisked around the city like a true VIP, stopping at the hottest spots and top award-winning eateries....Read more