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Tips for Car Rentals

Tips for International Car Rentals

It surely can be an exhilarating experience when you're on a vacation and you are independent with your own set of wheels on the road, preventing you from all those crowded bus tours. Once you are overseas, language barriers and other cultural differences can cause unexpected problems. To make it easy, make sure you book in advance from home because if you decide to rent whiles your stay, it will probably cost you more....

When renting a car, you will have to decide on a few other factors including what kind of car you prefer, whom to rent from and above all, safety. Make sure you check safety road rules before renting a car; choose a car that will be safe and easy for you to drive and manage. Small cars are not only the least expensive but also manoeuvrable on narrow, winding roads. Make sure you ask for gas charges and any hidden costs as they may not have been explained at the time of rental, and it may be too late once you find out.

Familiarize yourself with the local rules well before you take the driving seat. Study up on every detail like whether you're permitted to turn right on a red light. The best source for this type of information is usually a good guidebook. Carry your map! The security of having a detailed road map is more than worth the price you'll pay for it.

Think ahead to save your money on rental cars

Transportation means is another matter of concern when on a trip. Renting a car is a multi-factor process and involves a cross check of many details prior your selection. The cost on car rentals comprises of several other expenses like, paying for fuel, insurance, and any particular rules set by the rental agency. This brings us to a point where it'll be a great pleasure for us to save our money in any smart way possible...

  • Drop off any brand issues:when in a foreign state try to go for the local and independent rental agencies instead of the ones with big national names. These rental services offer some really sweet discounts due to low operating cost.
  • Be aware of ways to save on fuel: this aspect relies on more than one factor. First n foremost it's important to select a fuel friendly car for yourself. You can easily get access to loads of information regarding any offers for such cars. Try negotiating into a deal where you handle your fuel on your own and avoid paying that extra money.
  • Sharing your vehicle: This option is well suited for the individuals who plan to rent a car for shorter duration.
  • Stay away from airport rental services :  you better know the fact that such locations are often obligated by the law to add an extra charge exceeding the renting cost by 20-40%
  • Advance booking is a smarter choice:  there's a basic system that these rental agencies tend to follow. Until they'll have cars in bulk, you're in a favourable position to avail low prices and bargain for discount. So don't forget to add renting a car at the top of your things to do list.
Toll Gate Charges When Traveling by Car

Toll is basically a charge which is collected for any service. Toll gates are equipped on the roads, highways, bridges and tunnels to collect a specific amount of money by the passengers. A traveller has to stop there and pay before proceeding forward. Toll gate charges vary from vehicle to vehicle. There are different toll gate charges for cars, motor bikes, wagons, buses and trucks. These charges can also vary depending upon the mass of vehicle and the quantity of axles the vehicle has....

The payment can be done by hand at the toll gate in form of cash, credit cards and prepaid cards or by electronic method in which there is no need for traveller to slow down or stop, as an alternative the payment is collected by debit from the account of the enrolled car owners. All the travellers are required to pay toll gate charges as these charges are utilized for the maintenance and to upkeep the roads, to build new roads, for improving the infrastructure and for providing services of police, rescue and fuel stations.

If the travellers do not pay toll gate charges then he/she has to pay fine in addition to the cost of the actual fee and his/her driving license can also be suspended. Also it is advisable to check for the different toll charges before you cross the gate when traveling.