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Avoid Budget Airline Riff Off

Luggage restriction on Cheap Airlines

Many people start packing for their vacations several weeks prior to their departure dates. While there are many advantages to this, there are many chances of overloading your bags giving you more weight than you are allowed to carry on flight. It is important for people who are travelling for the very first time to know that there is a specific luggage and weight limit for every individual that boards a plane. While major airlines allow their passengers to carry more weight owing to the size and quality of their aircraft, there are certain smaller, cheaper flights that may not allow the same weight to be brought on-board....

There is no doubt about the fact that if you are planning a family holiday within a limited budget, it is smart to save on travel and accommodation and spend more on exploring new places. However, cutting back on travelling costs by selecting cheaper airlines may have certain drawbacks, the most prominent of which is luggage restrictions.

It is therefore recommended that if you wish to exercise some cost-cutting on travels and accommodations to make more of your holiday, you must only pack essential items that are either expensive or unavailable in the city where you are planning to go. Not only does this ensure comfortable travelling throughout, it also saves you from the trouble of last minute unpacking and removing extra weight from your baggage at the airport.

Pre-pay luggage fees

One of the challenges with using low cost airlines is the severely limited luggage allowances. Whilst it is best to pack as light as possible to save money travelling this way, there are times of course that you can't do this!...

If you need to purchase additional luggage from airlines, most of them offer a much lower price if this is booked beforehand. Work out what you need and buy it online before you go to the airport. Leaving it till you arrive at the airport can result in some very large fees.

A little effort can get you a cheaper flight

Going for a cheaper airfare doesn't only rely on your choice for an economy class flight, but there are certain ways that can be followed to make your travel comfy yet cheaper than the usual bookings. This requires some prior homework and a few simple tips. You need to be aware that making reservations at the right time is a smart way to get lower rates. Getting your tickets way before your planned date is a better idea and you can even avail some deals if you plan your trip two to four months in advance. In contrast to this, last minutes tickets work well too in specific cases. If you can survive the mystery and are flexible enough with you departure dates so you can definitely find several last-minute deals, some even associated with very famous and attractive travel locations....

It's wise to keep a regular check on your fares. Airlines usually have their fares on a tide. A frequent check will give you clear idea of what's currently a good deal and you can confirm your reservations right away when you find one closest to your demand. It's a hectic task but the results will pay off!

Traveling during special seasons and holidays will definitely be heavy on your pocket. It's better to search for some details about low seasons for the place you're planning your trip. Again in such cases it's also better to book earlier, as discounts or offers often sell out way before the beginning of any popular season.

Your traveling route is another factor that impacts your airfare, don't opt for a direct flight if you have a cheaper ticket in your hand!

Remember to print your boarding pass at home

Low cost airline are constantly finding more ways to charge the customer! Many now levy a high fee (as much as £60 to £90) if you arrive at the airport without a printed boarding pass. ....

Make sure you don't get caught out with this and always check in online at least the day before you travel and print out your boarding pass before going to the airport. For many airlines it is also possible to check in for your return flight and print this boarding pass as well – saving you the hassle of trying to find a printer on your holiday!