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Tips for Disabled Travelers

Traveling with a disabled or older person

When planning a trip with elderly or disabled persons a lot of factors must be kept in mind. First and foremost, a stock of their regular medication must be kept at an easy to access place. In case of traveling with a disabled person, choosing a hotel is one of the most significant aspects because not all hotels over the world facilitate disabled members. Whether caring for a disabled or an elderly member you should be well aware of any medical condition or comorbidities that could exacerbate when travelling. It's better to have a brief visit to your doctor for this purpose prior your trip....

Apart from all the medical considerations, one should also be careful about the kind of luggage. It's better to avoid a lot of hand carry baggage and the ones with wheels should be preferred. Always manage your time, because disability seating usually takes some extra time as compared to your normal travel schedule. Travel insurance is another way to secure your trip and put your mind at ease. It's an optional idea but there's no harm in going through the policies and procedures, as it might end up suiting your preferences.

Travelling with a companion is definitely a better option, because he/she may assist you in need. When on a trip with an elderly or disabled member, you must be considerate about their stamina and realize that they might get tired earlier than you do, so don't go for too much in a single go.