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Packing and luggage tips

Bring up smart yet trendy ways to carry luggage

When flying in an economy class airline, it’s better to derive some cool ways to pull down the luggage with which you’ll be checking in, or be ready to pay a heavy price for it. This is due to the limited weight allowance which usually ranges from 10-20kg, but fortunately there are some tricks to get your items through, all within the law....

It all starts when you’re packing, opt for the heaviest outfit and shoes and spare your baggage from all the stuff that is viable to be hand carried. You’ll go crazy when you’ll realize how things will fit in! This is the moment when you can stack your jacket and even make use of your laptop bag; of course you’ll need one with a bigger size with more sections for this to work. I must confess here that the jacket doesn’t make you look that trendy but the laptop bag will definitely let you stick to your style to some extent. I personally carried a load of books, several greeting cards and daily use accessories in my laptop bag, which came out to be a hassle free idea.

Never forget the FANNY PACK RED ALERT! I have put this as an alert as it’s just not a wise choice anymore to showcase your valuables around your waist, deliberately attracting those snatchers to easily get their hands on it. Moreover it’s far out of style and replaced by other hand-free solutions like a satchel style/ cross body bag or money belt. These are way more appealing and safer to carry around.

Beating Jet lag

Despite the luxury and ease that it can offer, traveling by air can be quite crippling due to its own set of side effects. Sudden change of environment, new food, loss of water, insomnia, constant silence under a controlled pressure, stuffed up space, and most importantly the variation of time zones - all these factors contribute to jet lag and the troublesome effects of it...

It's easy to diagnose jet lag when you experience symptoms like altered sleep cycle, confusion, disturbed appetite and severe mood swings. Knowing what to do to prevent it is a better way out rather than struggling with a solution later. Here are some tips arranged according to their significance....

  • Balance body's internal clock: you can try to match your routine with the one you'll have at your destination. It'll be easy for your system to adjust accordingly.
  • Go for overnight flights: no matter what the time zone is, you'll most probably arrive in the morning or afternoon making it convenient for you to adapt.
  • Keep yourself hydrated: whether you're thirsty or not!
  • Try having good sleep in plane: This will help your body to replenish your energy stores and help you to combat with signs of jet lag later.
  • Don't pass out early
  • Manage your caffeine intake: caffeine will definitely interfere with your sleep pattern and thus make it hard for you to adjust your routine.
  • Create a limit or say no to alcohol
  • Search about the benefits of melatonin for you.