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Safety and Security Hot Tips

Avoid getting lost!

When planning on traveling, security is our top most priority. A lot of that usually depends on the place we're going to but there are some tips about how we can be pro-active about it. Getting your important documents like passport photographs, tickets scanned is a good idea, and these must be within easy reach; hence storing these in your email account is the best way access them in case of emergency. This should also include all the important contacts in case you lose your credit card or ATM. You can send in these details to your embassy or consulate for further assistance...

Labelling your traveling bags with your details like Name, destination and a contact number is also a good idea to deal with misplaced luggage. It will become easier for the airline to track you.

Moreover going to a new place that you don't know about is an adventure yet a test in itself. Asking everyone for directions every few minutes can become pretty annoying sometimes, so having a map is the best way to avoid it. Now, not an old fashioned map though, because you need time and patience for that as well. Take advantage of all this new technology and get those GPS and navigation apps in your cell phones so that you actually get to know your way around on your own with their help.

Get informed on Local Crime

There are a number of things that require serious consideration before you plan a holiday to a foreign country, particularly one that you are visiting with your family for the very first time. Apart from ensuring reliable travel options, comfortable accommodations, and efficient transport while you are in a new country, it is important to stay updated with the local news of the area. Staying well-informed about the local news gives you a comprehensive insight into a number of critical factors including political stability, riots, and crime rate etc....

Majority of the travellers tend to ignore this, but it must be noted that information on local crimes can help you protect your family's lives and belonging and ensure a safe return home. It doesn't take extra effort or time either because there are a number of travel websites and local newspapers available online that offer detailed reviews, happenings and information. Some of the advantages of staying updated with local crime when you are travelling include:

  • Knowledge of which areas or parts of the city that must be avoided due to greater crime rate
  • Insight into specific kinds of crimes that are common in the country
  • A chance to take extra, precautionary measure to ensure complete protection of the family before reaching the destination
  • Staying alert at all times and knowing what kind of people should not be trusted under any circumstances.
  • Use of social networking websites like twitter to keep yourself update about the current happenings.

It is also advised to note down the locations and contact numbers of police stations and other authorities present in your vicinity in case of emergencies.

Do not put all sources of money together

When travelling it is common that one of your handbag, or a bag can get lost, and if that bag is the bag that you kept all of your credit and debit cards in then you might land yourself in trouble. It is advised that you should not put all of your money resources in one place. In case of theft or loss you might be stranded and not be able to move forward....

Do not put all your resources at one place: Try storing your money and credit cards in different handbags, so in case you lose one of them you don't end up without cash. Do not put credit cards in luggage that you plan to check in, it's better to store monitory resources in luggage that is hand carried.

Make sure your credit card works in your destination of choice. Always keep local cash as a lot of places do not except credit cards. Avoid the conversion centres at the airport, instead opt for an ATM or local bank. All you need to do is to select different bags, or wallets to keep your cash resource so that you are able to access your accounts alternatively. It is also advised that if you have multiple credit or debit cards, then you should make sure all of your account have considerable money which you think is enough for the journey. Back-up plans are always necessary.

Your raveling route is another factor that impacts your airfare, don't opt for a direct flight if you have a cheaper ticket in your hand!