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Berlin, the capital and largest city in Germany sits at the bank of River Spree. It is known for its dense human population and is now referred to as the second most populous city in European Union after London. Berlin with its many tourist attractions is the best location to consider for your next vacation. Berlin is renowned for its Cultural institutions of international recognition just like the museum Island that attract millions of visitors annually, its glamourous night vibes, the annual international film festival and carnival of cultures Berlin has a load of unforgettable experiences that will make tourists want to visit this great cultural city again.

On your next visit to Berlin, this article will offer you the adequate information you need to make the most of your Berlin day trips, giving you full details on the best attractions sites around the country. If you are considering having the best of times on your Berlin tour, then outlined below are some must visit locations for you.

Cheap Weekend Trips & Excursions from Berlin

1. Sanchsenhausen Concentration Camp Day Trip

Berlin day trip to Sanchsenhausen Concentration Camp

Consider taking a trip by train to Oranienburg on a tour to explore the Sachsenhausen concentration camp closest to Berlin. The camp was used to detain political prisoners from Nazi era in 1936 till 1945 after the Second World War when Oranieburg became Soviet occupation zone. Your day trip will explore the various compartments of this memorial site and get you acquainted with the horrible experiences the inmates had before liberation.

Your day trip from berlin gives you a chance to visit the many museums at the concentration ground, you should be ready for a long walk and lots of reading because most of the information you seek are documented in different languages at the information centre. The exhibition and information panels are there to explain in details the atrocities, crime and brutality that was carried out in this concentration camp, also do well to get a map to guide you to where the most interesting exhibitions are.

There are different museums to explore at Sachsenhausen but the exhibitions such as the former prisoners’ kitchen has the most interesting displays –it gives a good overview of life in the camp. Your day trip from Berlin should explore one of the camp’s most dreadful area called the “Station Z” where the life of an unfortunate inmate is put to an end – the pathology building, mortuary cellars and infirmary barrack at the left side of the main entrance exhibits the medical care and many medical crime committed at the camp.

Berlin: Half-Day Sachsenhausen Memorial Tour
  • See the "Kapo's" residence
  • Observe the original gun tower entrance and parade ground
  • See the infirmary and pathology departments, used to carry out autopsies on prisoners who died, and to complete medical experiments
  • Learn about the security systems of the Camp, which included electrified fences and watchtowers
  • Observe the disturbing conditions in the Jewish and "forgers" barracks
  • See the punishment cells, execution area and gallows
  • Visit the site of the camp brothel
  • See the unsettling site of the crematorium and "Station Z"
  • Learn about Russian Special Camp 1/7 post WW2, before the camp was dismantled in 1950
  • See the "Green Monster" SS canteen

Reviews: 4.8 (684 reviews

Duration: 6 hours

Berlin: Sachsenhausen Memorial Day Tour
  • Explore the memorial site of Sachsenhausen
  • Hear stories of resistance and famous escapes
  • See the remains of trenches, barrack blocks and punishment cells
  • Go to the Pathology Lab and the camp hospital
  • Wander the "Appellplatz" (parade ground)

Reviews: 4.8 (106 reviews)

Duration: 6 hours

Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial Tour from Berlin
  • Full-day trip to Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp from Berlin
  • Explore the camp with an expert historian as your guide
  • Visit sites such as the punishment cells and gas chambers
  • Hear tales of prisoner bravery as well as the chilling atrocities that took place at the camp
  • Learn about Germany during the days of the Third Reich

Reviews: 5.0 (409 reviews)

Duration: 6 hours

6-Hour Sachsenhausen Memorial Tour from Berlin
  • Discover the brutal history of the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp
  • Learn about the 50,000 people murdered by Nazis at the facility
  • Hear about some of the survivors as well as the victims that suffered here

Reviews: 4.2 (10 reviews)

Duration: 6 hours

Sachsenhausen Memorial: 6-Hour Tour
  • See the notorious Station Z
  • Learn about the haunting events of Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia

Reviews: 5.0 (6 reviews)

Duration: 6 hours

2. Cecilienhof Potsdam Day Trip

Berlin day trip to Cecilienhof Potsdam

Potsdam, the capital of Brandenburg is another must-visit location on your Berlin tour. It is a UNESCO world Heritage city where the Palace and Royal Parks of the King of Prussia is sited. The balance of massive architectural designs and beautiful landscapes that expresses its relationship with nature gives visitors a reason to visit again.

The Sanssouci Palace of Frederick the Great stands as the major attraction of the city of Potsdam. The Sanssouci Park sits on a 300 hectares of land lined by well-trimmed hedges, small building that some exciting features you can explore on your Berlin day trip, including the Chinese house and the Bildergalerie that holds the king’s art collections. Take time out to visit the Dutch Quarter and explore the galleries and antiques shops located there, there café you can stop for a drink also.

Hohenzollern’s final Palace referred to as Cecilienhof is worth exploring on your day trip from Berlin, the attractive half-timbered design reveals its fame and glamour. Neues Palace built by Frederick the Great is another place to visit, the 200 room with four galleries most peculiar design is the Grottensaal where the walls were customized with see seashell, gemstones, fossils and minerals. The Museum of Barberini is one of the places to explore for the history of this world heritage site. Other places to visit on your day trip are;Alexandrowka, Neuer Markt, Orangery Palace, Fimmuseum and Neuer Garten.

6-Hour Tour of Potsdam from Berlin
  • Admire the former residence of the Prussian kings and learn more about the historical development of the city
  • Visit the exterior of Sanssouci Palace and stroll through the beautiful park with a variety of landscaped gardens
  • See magnificent buildings inspired by Italian architecture

Reviews: 4.3 (3 reviews)

Duration: 6 hours

Babelsberg Film Studio 6-Hour Bus Tour from Berlin
  • Travel aboard a comfortable, air-conditioned VW bus through berlin to the film studio in Potsdam-Babelsburg
  • Feel like you are on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood as you walk down Potsdamer Straße
  • Visit Potsdamer Platz, the venue for the yearly Berlinale film festival
  • Explore the Babelsberg area, which houses over 200 companies involved in the film industry
  • See the famous back lots used in international productions filmed at the studio
  • Explore the outside area of Babelsberg on Ahornstraße
  • Admire the luxury villas of the stars in Neu-Babelsberg

Reviews: 5.0 (1 review)

Duration: 6 hours

From Berlin: Guided Tour of Potsdam in Spanish
  • Feel like a king as you stroll through the gardens and palaces of Potsdam
  • Discover the secrets behind the architecture of the palace of Sanssouci
  • Learn the importance of Potsdam in the history of World War II
  • Walk across the legendary "Bridge of Spies"

Reviews: 4.7 (23 reviews)

Duration: 6 hours

Berlin: Potsdam - Kings, Gardens & Palaces 6-Hour Tour
  • Tour the picturesque city of Potsdam just outside Berlin
  • Explore the Dutch Quarter, Neuer Garten, Cecilienhof Palace and Garrison Town
  • Visit the location for the Potsdam Conference between Stalin, Truman and Churchill
  • Discover forbidden town used by the Soviet Secret Service
  • Stop off at a Biergarten for a light lunch and refreshments

Reviews: 4.8 (21 reviews)

Duration: 6 hours

3. Dresden Carthedral Day Trip

Berlin day trip to Dresden Carthedral

Dresden is the capital of Saxony –it sits on the bank of Elbe River in Western Germany and is one location you will not regret to visit in your Berlin tour. It is one of the striking cities in the country with many art collections many of which were restored after the Second World War. This city has many stunning designs that serve as it major tourist attractions.

Visit to Dresden hold lots of attractions for you on your Berlin day trip. Grosser Garten is a home to Dresden Zoo and the amazing Botanical Garden that provides that suitable and relaxing atmosphere on your day trip from Berlin especially in the summer months. The Kunsthof passage has colorful and imaginative neighborhood with beautifully painted buildings that stand a chance for an amazing view, you should also explore the courtyard of the artsy boutique shop.

Take time out to visit the Zwinger Palace and Pillnitz Castle to explore the best of architectural designs and its museum, and also explore the treasures of Green Vault. You should also visit the Semper Opera House for the best of Orchestra performance at Saxony and also visit city’s main attraction called “The Church of Our Lady”.

Day Tour to Dresden from Berlin
  • Get a full commentary of Dresden's origins and life in the post-communist era
  • Learn about the importance of Meisen pottery to the region
  • Explore the Old Town, the Semper Opera house, and the Balcony of Europe
  • Discover the Zwinger Palace
  • Enjoy the journey from the comfort of a coach hired just for your tour group with a local expert guide

Reviews: 4.6 (113 reviews)

Duration: 10 hours

Dresden: Segway Mini-Tour
  • Enjoy the picturesque baroque silhouette of the old town of Dresden and discover the old town with a professional guide
  • Be enthralled by the turbulent history of Dresden, starting with "August the Strong" and the "Saxon Gemiedlichgeed"
  • Ride on a Segway and see the most beautiful sides of Dresden like the Frauenkirche, the Zwinger and the Residenzschloss

Reviews: 4.5 (2 reviews)

Duration: 90 minutes

Florence on the Elbe: Tour of Dresden from Berlin
  • Enjoy a private tour away from the mass of tourists
  • Travel from Berlin to Dresden onboard a comfortable, air-conditioned VW bus
  • See the fascinating works of art in the Green Vault of Dresden Castle
  • Discover the Frauenkirche, also known as the Stone Bell
  • Admire the Zwinger with the Kronentor gate and the Semper Gallery
  • Marvel at the beautiful Semperoper
  • See the 500-meter long Brühl's Terrace, the balcony of Europe
  • Look out for the fortifications from the 16th century

Reviews: 5.0 (2 reviews)

Duration: 8 hours

Dresden: Individual round trip for small groups from Berlin
  • Explore the beautiful baroque city of Dresden
  • Visit the famous Frauenkirche
  • Enjoy the individual attention from their own city guide
  • Rest yourself at your hotel or other location of your choice in Berlin pick

Duration: 8 hours

4. Devil's Bridge Day Trip

Berlin day trip to Devil's Bridge

A visit to the world famous Devil’s Bridge is an experience you cannot miss in your Berlin Tour. This unique waterfall is a major site of attraction that commands substantial amount of visitors yearly. You can be assured of mind-blowing experiences as you tour the many lakes and amazing waterfalls that made up this area of the country.

Your day trip from Berlin also gives you the chance to hike along the many narrow natural trails in this location for the best view of the landscape. Explore the Punchbowls and the three bridges down to the waterfall and discover some of the hidden caves with amazing features – the silver mountain gives you a chance to discover its mining history and bwylch Nant-yr- Arian forest.

There are gift shops around that you might want to dash into to make some purchases. Seize the opportunity to savor the best of continental and local dishes at café located around the waterfall and enjoy luxurious accommodation that the nearby Hafod hotels gives. You cannot leave this place without having an exciting time.

The Excellence Power Catamarán
  • Take a full-day catamaran cruise around the island of Antigua and Barbuda
  • Visit key spots of the island like the Great Bird Island and Devil’s Bridge
  • Snorkel in the clear waters of Green Island and discover the wildlife
  • Enjoy a delicious Caribbean lunch and open bar onboard the catamaran

Duration: 7 hours

Island Safari 4x4 Discovery Tour from St John's
  • Island Safari 4x4 Discovery Tour from St John's
  • Ride through the rugged back roads of Antigua
  • See beautiful landmarks including Devil's Bridge and Long Bay Beach
  • Visit Betty's Hope Sugar Plantation, one of the oldest sugar plantations on Antigua
  • Picnic-style lunch included
  • Complimentary hotel pickup and drop-off

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Duration: 4 hours

Power 360 Catamaran Cruise
  • Glide along the stunning coastline of Antigua on a catamaran.
  • Make your way to some of the hot spots of the island.
  • Snorkel the Island’s best reefs.
  • Have delicious lunch on-board the catamaran

Duration: 6 hours

Island Safari Discovery
  • Go with a guide: Visit locations often missed by visitors
  • Learn about historic landmarks and Antigua’s colonial legacy
  • Free time to swim and relax on Long Bay Beach
  • Picnic lunch included: No need to plan logistics

Duration: 7 hours

5. Hamburg Day Trip

Berlin day trip to Hamburg

Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany and one location you must visit if you expect the best of experiences in your Berlin day trips. The city ranked as 18th most lovable city in the world is a major international and domestic tourist attraction. The city with its many streams, rivers and canals are lined with over 2,500 bridges more than you can find in any country – it has over 40 theatres, 60 museums and 100 music venues and clubs, so you can hope for the best of experiences in your Berlin day trip to Hamburg.

One of the best ways you can tour the city is taking a boat trip along the many rivers to view the city from an amazing stand point – the church of St Michaelis is one of the many attractions of the city that offer Panoramic views when you climb to the top of the building. Relax in one of the bars at the port and watch different sizes of ships pass by while you sip an iced cold drink.

The botanical garden called Planten un Blomen is worth visiting, the luxurious garden gives you the chance to wonder around, relax and attend the annual water-light concert – visit to the DOM allows you the chance to attend Germany’s largest funfair that opens three time a year. Amazing nightlife and vibes awaits you at the Reeperbahn and Schanzenviertel and other night club around the city, there are also quite number of restaurants and bars you can go to enjoy the amazing nightlife that Hamburg provides on your Berlin day trip.

Hamburg: Evening Illumination Cruise through Harbor
  • Enjoy a romantic boat trip through the illuminated Speicherstadt and the Hamburg port sea of light
  • Enjoy fascinating panoramic views of the entire city and take a look at the famous highlights of Hamburg
  • Marvel at the illuminated ocean liners and container cranes, see the Elbe Philharmonic, HafenCity and museum ships

Reviews: 4.4 (1274 reviews)

Duration: 1 hour

Hamburg: Guided Tour Elbphilharmonie excluding Concert Halls
  • Visit the new Hamburg Elbphilharmonie on a guided tour
  • Get all the facts and information about the Elbphilharmonie from your qualified guide
  • Walk on the Elbphilharmonie Plaza and experience phenomenal views of the city and the harbor
  • Be inspired by the futuristic architecture

Reviews: 4.7 (1018 reviews)

Duration: 1 hour

Priority Entrance: Miniatur Wunderland inc. Booking Fee
  • Explore the minature landscapes of the world's largest model railway
  • Watch modellers and technicians working on the next stages of Miniatur Wunderland
  • See trains and railways travel through recreated landscapes of Switzerland and more
  • Discover a miniature Las Vegas night scene, Hamburg cityscape, and Airport Knuffingen

Reviews: 4.8 (2438 reviews)

Duration: 2 hour

Traditional Harbor Tour in Hamburg
  • Take a classic harbor tour through Hamburg and its bustling port
  • Enjoy a cruise through the historic warehouse district and its charming canals
  • Admire Hamburg's Elbe Bridge, spanning right across the water
  • Drive past the ultra-modern HafenCity
  • Learn interesting facts about the harbor's trade from your skipper

Reviews: 4.5 (167 reviews)

Duration: 1 hour

6. Leipzig Day Trip

Berlin day trip to Leipzig

Leipzig, just 100 miles away from Berlin is another location you can visit for your Berlin day trip experience. This historic city was an important trade city during the days of the Roman Empire. Leipzig stands strongly for peace today and played a major role in the Peaceful demonstration that united Germany despite being a war zone where Napoleon was defeated prior to that period.

There are lots of attraction you should explore on your day trip from Berlin, some of which are Bach museum that reveals the life of the famous musician; Johann Sebastian Bach who lived about 300 years ago. Visit to the tallest skyscraper “City-Hochhaus” just like its nickname “panoramic tower” will give you a panoramic view of the beautiful city.

The Market Square which has now been converted to a history museum will give you all the information you need regarding the history of Leipzig – there are restaurants at the square where you can get the best dishes, festivals also holds in this square every year especially Easter and Christmas period. Other places to visit on your day trip from are; St. Nicholas Church, St. Thomas Church, the Panometer, The New Town Hall the Zeitgeschichitliches forum and the Leipzig Zoo.

Leipzig: 1.5-Hour Tour with Night Watchman Bremme
  • Enjoy an evening tour with a night watchman in historical costume as your guide
  • Hear stories and anecdotes of bygone times
  • Discover more about the secrets of his profession and other old trades in the city
  • Explore the most beautiful sights of the city and enjoy the special atmosphere of Leipzig in the evening

Reviews: 4.8 (465 reviews)

Duration: 90 minutes

Hop-On, Hop-Off Bus Tour through Leipzig with Walking Tour
  • Take a commented, 2 hour city tour through Leipzig which brings you to all important sites.
  • Enjoy the freedom of interrupting your trip at any of ten stops as the mood suits you and then continue the journey again
  • Also take part in a guided tour of about 45 minutes following the 2 hour city tour
  • Check here, Tripindicator unbiased Comparison of Berlin hop on hop off bus tours.

Reviews: 4.6 (372 reviews)

Duration: 1 day

Leipzig: 2-Hour Guided Walking Tour in German
  • Discover Leipzig's highlights on this walking tour
  • Discover historical buildings, such as the Old Town Hall, the Nikolai Church and Auerbach's Keller
  • Wander down Leipzig's best known street, Barfußgässchen

Reviews: 4.8 (158 reviews)

Duration: 2 hours

Tour in Leipzig: Guided City Tour & City Sightseeing
  • Experience an extensive guided tour and see the Old Rathaus, the Nikolai Church, the Mädler Passage and the Thomas Church
  • Enjoy a trip in a modern tour bus to the highlights of Leipzig located on the other side of the city ring

Reviews: 4.6 (745 reviews)

Duration: 150 minutes

7. Saxon Switzerland National Park Day Trip

Berlin day trip to Saxon Switzerland National Park

First hearing the name “Saxon Switzerland” sounded like the park was located in Swiss-German border at Bavaria. The Name got stuck to people’s mouths in 18th century when Swiss artist who visited the area said the area reminded them so much about their home country. Saxon Switzerland is located 30km southeast of Dresden close to Czech Republic border, it is the best location for your day trip from Berlin.

Mountains like Sandstone Mountain with scalable peaks provides hiking trails to view the beautiful landscape, on top of the renowned table shaped mountain sits the Konigstein fortress that stands as Europe’s largest hilltop fortification. You can climb to the top of the fortress using lift to have panoramic view of the Saxon Switzerland – the Bastei Bridge that connects the standing huge rocks of about 200m high which provides some amazing views points that best captures the Neurathen Castle.

Kuhstall and Lichtenchainer waterfall provides great hiking trails that best explore the Saxon area, there are more challenging route you can hike for better view points – the restaurant at the foot of the waterfall is always open, so you can dash in for some food or drinks. Rathen Village with lots of hotels is a real spot for tourist to lodge – Rathen Open Air Stage that host plays, operas and concert in summer months.

Saxon Switzerland: Hike from Kirnitzschtal
  • Experience the Saxon Switzerland in a guided hike
  • Enjoy the sandstone formations, as they protrude bizarre in the sky
  • Explore historic rock castles, partly hidden in rock massifs
  • Explore the romantic rocky landscape between the Elbe and Kirnitzsch

Duration: 5 hours

Full-Day Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland Tour from Prague
  • Take in spectacular views of Elbe Canyon from Bastei Bridge
  • Hike through Bohemian Switzerland Park from the village of H?ensko
  • Visit Pravcicka Gate and see the sandstone rocks and admire the views

Reviews: 4.9 (29 reviews)

Duration: 10 hours

Bohemia & Saxon Switzerland Winter Day Tour from Prague
  • See the natural wonders of 2 countries in 1 day
  • Marvel at the Bastei bridge towering over the Elbe River in Saxony
  • Admire the Prav?ická brána in Bohemia, the biggest natural stone arch in Europe

Duration: 10 hours

Saxon Switzerland & Pillnitz Castle
  • Choose between scaling the world-famous Bastei on foot or riding to the top in a bus
  • Enjoy the beauty of the national park and experience a truly exceptional panoramic view from Königstein to Böhmen
  • Wander the grounds at Pillnitz Castle and learn more about this summer residence of the royals

Duration: 8 hours

8. Wannsee Day Trip

Berlin day trip to Wannsee

Waansee is a locality in the Southwestern Berlin. This area is referred to as ritzy district because of its fine old villas and lake Grosser and Kleiner that draws root from River Havel. The beaches around provides surfing and sailing environment which makes it one of the top recreation area in Berlin, there are many bars, café and restaurants that you can patronize while taking a stunning view of the sea.

The Museum of the Village of Duppel is worth exploring on your Berlin Day trip, this medieval settlement consist of many old houses, barns and workshops like blacksmith and pottery shops built using methods and materials that was available in that era. The Military history museum of Gatow village is another location you should take time out to explore, it lays hold to more than 200,000 artifacts and over 150 original replica aircraft, including WWII prop-and fighter jets.

Many tourist around the world have come to appreciate Wannsee as the fun and excitement in this place is definitely one to associate with. You can’t go bad on your Berlin day trip with a visit to Wannsee.

Berlin-Wannsee to Potsdam 3-Hour World Heritage Cruise
  • Experience a fantastic cruise on the Havel River towards Potsdam
  • Explore one of the most beautiful UNESCO World Heritage regions
  • Discover the history of Prussia
  • Experience the rich history of the region in the southwest and the north of Berlin

Reviews: 4.4 (177 reviews)

Duration: 3 hours

Berlin: 6-Hour Tour on the History of the Third Reich
  • Follow the traces of the Nazi regime in Berlin and the path of Adolf Hitler's entry into the Reich Chancellery
  • Visit Wilhelmstrasse 64, the location of the Papen Putsch, the hiding place of Adenauer, and the official residence of Rudolf Hess
  • See the remnants of the Propaganda Ministry and hear the story of the assassination attempt on Hitler in 1939
  • Stop by the former Reich Air Ministry and see Prinz-Albrecht-Strasse 8, the former headquarters of the Gestapo
  • Pay a visit to the Sachsenhausen concentration camp and learn more about this sad chapter of German history

Reviews: 4.9 (14 reviews)

Duration: 6 hours

Potsdam from Berlin: Hohenzollern Palaces 6-Hour Tour
  • Discover the unique Havel landscape from the water, surrounded by palaces, villas, and parks
  • Experience the famous 5-palace view in the middle of the Havel
  • Relax onboard a luxury pleasure boat
  • Admire Babelsberg Park, the New Garden, the Church of the Redeemer, and Peacock Island from the water
  • Learn interesting facts about the buildings and parks along the Havel
  • See the villas at Griebnitzsee from a new perspective

Duration: 6 hours

Private Day Tour of Wannsee and Potsdam from Berlin
  • Private tour is operated with just your party and a guide/driver
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off included in Berlin
  • Combine visits to Potsdam and Wannsee in a single tour
  • Tour can accommodate up to six people

Reviews: 5.0 (1 review)

Duration: 5 hours

9. Sanccouci Park Day Trip

Berlin day trip to Sanccouci Park

The Sanssouci Park is a major attraction in Potsdam, a perfect location you can explore on your day trip from Berlin. The Park was influenced by Frederick the Great, it stands as one of the oldest Park in the world that dates back to 1744.

The Park sits on a 300 hectares of land lined by well-trimmed hedges, small building that some exciting features you can explore on your Berlin day trip. There are beautiful gardens, art work and buildings of great architectural designs that lined the Park, including the Chinese house and the Bildergalerie that holds the king’s art collections that exhibits the work of Van Dyck, Rubens and Caravaggio; that represents the four element and the mythological figures.

Another beauty of the Sanssouci Park is the very beautiful garden it possesses –in case you are low on cash, you need not worry as the palace grounds and gardens are free to visit and is considered by many to be one of the best parts of the palace. No matter the season of the year you visit this admirable park, you are sure to have a spoil time –every season comes with its own beauty. The park is best for tourists between May and September but that shouldn’t be a limitation for you. Do have the best of time in your Sanssouci park trip from Berlin.

Potsdam: Sanssouci Palace Guided Tour from Berlin
  • Enjoy a beautiful tour of Sanssouci's garden and stately buildings
  • Be amazed by the New Palace and admire the park's traditional Chinese teahouse
  • Discover the former royal city of Potsdam
  • Travel in a comfortable bus from Berlin to Potsdam

Reviews: 4.3 (420 reviews)

Duration: 4 hours

City Of Emperors 6-Hour Guided Walking Tour in Potsdam
  • Explore Potsdam during a guided walking tour with a small group
  • Get an up-close look at Potsdam's incredible collection of baroque streets and buildings
  • Learn about the history of Germany's Prussian Kaisers and kings
  • Visit Sanssouci Palace and stroll through its lovely park (own expense)
  • Learn about Potsdam's important role in the negotiations to end World War II
  • Small group trip is limited to a maximum of 9 guests

Reviews: 4.5 (6 reviews)

Duration: 6 hours

From Berlin: Potsdam 6-Hour Tour by VW Bus
  • Experience a tour of Potsdam away from the mass of tourists
  • Explore the city by VW bus and stroll through the park grounds
  • Read related reading material during the drive
  • Enjoy the scenery of the Havel landscape and the Glienicke Bridge
  • Admire the old market square and learn how it was designed by Frederick the Great
  • Visit the Dutch Quarter, now more attractive than ever
  • Enjoy a stroll through Park Sanssouci
  • Explore the New Garden and the Cecilienhof Palace
  • Enjoy the fantastic view from Belvedere on the Pfingstberg
  • See Sacrow Park and the Church of the Redeeme

Reviews: 5.0 (7 reviews)

Duration: 6 hours

Forbidden City: 6-Hour Tour of Potsdam from Berlin
  • Enjoy a private tour through Potsdam away from the crowds of tourists
  • Admire the fantastic view of the Havel region and the Glienicke Bridge from Babelsberg Palace
  • See the Old Market Square and the Dutch Quarter, stroll through the New Garden, and admire the Cecilienhof Palace
  • Reach Sanssouci Palace and other sights in the park via hidden pathways
  • Learn all about the "forbidden city," a Soviet military town in Germany
  • Discover the Bornstedt Cemetery, the final resting place of approximately 500 well-known personalities

Reviews: 5.0 (5 reviews)

Duration: 6 hours

10. Spreewald Day Trip

Berlin day trip to Spreewald

The Picturesque biosphere of the Spreewald is a must visit location on your Berlin day trip especially for nature lovers. It is just about 100km away from Berlin so you can travel on a rented car or find your way to one of the guided tour buses with a coach from Berlin. This picturesque natural environment is often referred to as “green Venice” and stands as UNESCO world heritage since 1991 that attracts many visitors annually.

Your Berlin day trip holds lots of topnotch experiences for you exclusive to Spreewald; paddle the waterways yourself when you hire canoe or kayak or you can travel the river on boat, you can hike along the natural trails to further explore the beautiful landscape or hire a bicycle and explore some of the hidden tracks of the area.

Among the numerous things to do in Spreewald is the beautiful galleries and museum in this region –they are rich in cultural and historical facts. The Spreewald museum gives you a tour into times back and how Spreewald was over a 100 years ago with the shops and trains. After feeding your eyes with a rich view of the museums and galleries, the local delicacies will help you sum up the fun and excitement. You definitely should try their pickled cucumbers, horseradish and many others. Your trip to Spreewald promises to be a mind-blowing and exciting one.


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Berlin Segway Tour


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Berlin Bike Tour


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Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial Tour


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5.0 (1306 reviews)

Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp Memorial Tour Tickets

Berlin's Infamous Third Reich Sites Half-Day Walking Tour


Duration: 4 Hours

Viator: €14.20 GetYourGuide: €15.00

5.0 (565 reviews)

Berlin's Infamous Third Reich Sites Half-Day Walking Tour Tickets

Skip-the-Line: Berlin TV Tower Dinner


Duration: 2 Hours

GetYourGuide: €93.90

4.5 (48 reviews)

Skip-the-Line: Berlin TV Tower Dinner Tickets

Cold War Walking Tour of Berlin


Duration: 4 Hours

Viator: €14.20 GetYourGuide: €16.00

5.0 (373 reviews)

Cold War Walking Tour of Berlin Tickets

Pergamon Museum Skip the Line Ticket


Duration: Flexible

TicketBar: €19.00 Tiqets: €19.00 GetYourGuide: €19.00

4.5 (3124 reviews)

Pergamon Museum Skip the Line Ticket Tickets

Potsdam Sanssouci Palace Guided Bus Tour from Berlin


Duration: 5 Hours

GetYourGuide: €41.00 Viator: €41.70 TicketBar: €46.00 Tiqets: €46.00

4.5 (2372 reviews)

Potsdam Sanssouci Palace Guided Bus Tour from Berlin Tickets

Skip-the-Line: Berlin Wall Museum at Checkpoint Charlie


Duration: Flexible

GetYourGuide: €14.50 Viator: €14.70

3.5 (2301 reviews)

Skip-the-Line: Berlin Wall Museum at Checkpoint Charlie Tickets

Discover Berlin Walking Tour


Duration: Around four hours

Viator: €11.00 GetYourGuide: €14.00

5.0 (2061 reviews)

Discover Berlin Walking Tour Tickets

Fast track Madame Tussauds and AquaDom & SEA LIFE


Duration: Flexible

GetYourGuide: €25.00 Tiqets: €25.00 Viator: €25.40

4.0 (9 reviews)

Fast track Madame Tussauds and AquaDom & SEA LIFE Tickets

Berlin to Dresden Day Tour


Duration: 10 hours

GetYourGuide: €59.00 Viator: €60.10

4.5 (424 reviews)

Berlin to Dresden Day Tour Tickets

Berlin Dungeon Skip-the-line


Duration: Approximately 1:10 hours

GetYourGuide: €18.00 Tiqets: €18.00 Viator: €18.30 TicketBar: €21.50

4.0 (1383 reviews)

Berlin Dungeon Skip-the-line Tickets