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Top Venice Art Classes


Venice Kids Mask Making Workshop

clock 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Kids will love learning about the mysteries of Venice's Carnevale, while creating a wonderful souvenir! Our activity is set in the Giardini area of Venice, a fun off-the-beaten path location for kids to run around and explore Venice at their own...Read more

Discovering artistic serigraphy

clock 1 hour
  • A unique experience that combines art and craftsmanship, in a laboratory that in over fifty years of activity has created over a thousand different graphics, working with over 250 artists from all over the...Read more

Tur in limba romana cu ghid local in Venetia, Palatul Dogilor fara coada

clock 1 hour
  • Guided tour in romanian language. Ticket not included.

    Palatul Ducal este cel mai important muzeu al orasului. Putem continua pe jos prin oras sau putem vizita doar orasul.

    Questo è il museo più importante della città.
    VisitIamo il Palazzo raccontandovi tante leggende e storie interessanti! Per bambini ho un gioco caccia al...Read more

Photographer, Professional Photo shoot - Venice

clock 4 hours
  • Professional photo shoot in unique Venice locations. The Photo Experience will create amazing photo memories from your visit. You will be able to see undiscovered locations and get the best photo story from your Venice visit. We can tailor each photo shoot to meet your requirements; we can travel to your location or we can suggest a location for...Read more

Venice Carnival Mask-Making Class in Venice, Italy

clock 1 hour
  • If you want to live a real experience in the heart of Venice that's the right choice!

    A Venetian Master Artisan will explain to you, in 1 hour course, the traditional art of decorating a mask, an artistic personal event which will make you live the preparation for the Venetian Carnival.

    Create your own unique masterpiece and...Read more

food photography studio workshop

clock 4 hours
  • it's great to photograph Italian food in a photo studio with a professional photographer and then eat it after having photographed...Read more

Glassblowing beginners class in Murano

clock 2 hours 45 minutes
  • You will experience nothing like this in Murano. This is the only place where you can experience such an amazing class along with glass masters working on a real furnace. No demonstration, just real a real...Read more

Venetian mask workshop with a local artisan

clock 2 hours
  • Meet a local mask artisan in Venice. Enter his atelier and learn all about this traditional Venetian craft. He will teach you how to create your own original...Read more

Venice Private Mask Workshop - Create our Mask in paper mache

clock 4 hours
  • Live the experience … turn yourself into a “mascarer” and create your own mask!
    Our workshop will allow you to take home your own creation. The charm of the paper to cut and shape inside the ancient stone molds. The expert craftsman who guides you and helps you to turn simple pieces of paper into a mask. Enjoy the magic of handmade...Read more

Create your Glass Artwork: Private Lesson with Local Artisan in Venice

clock 1 hour 15 minutes
  • You will create a marvelous glass artwork with one of the most famous craftsmen of Venice: Massimiliano Caldarone. You are going to discover the secrets and techniques of glass-making art while you personally realize a unique item.

    A class with a celebrated Venetian craftsman who will teach you how to create a unique glass artwork,...Read more

Venice Pictures: Professional Photography tour

clock 1 hour 45 minutes
  • Fabio, a famous Venetian photographer, will escort you through the city to take wonderful pictures of Canal Grande, Venice hidden spots and breathtaking views of Dorsoduro (the artists district). Enjoy the experience away from the touristic overcrowded routes!

    During the experience Fabio will provide all the assistance that you need to...Read more

Byzantine Mosaics of St Marks Revealed | LivTalks On-demand with Sabrina

clock 45 minutes
  • This LivTalk recording is on demand, meaning it is available and ready when you are!

    This 45 minute webinar recording will give you an overview how women have shaped the collection of art throughout the Louvre Museum (and beyond), and how they have been viewed throughout history in terms of...Read more

Venice Kids Mask Making Workshop

clock 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Kids will love learning about the mysteries of Venice's Carnevale, while creating a wonderful souvenir! Our activity is set in the Giardini area of Venice, a fun off-the-beaten path location for kids to run around and explore Venice at their own...Read more

Watercolors in Venice: painting class with famous artist

clock 1 hour 45 minutes
  • Be an artist for one day: learn the marvelous art of the watercolors with the great Venetian artist: Nicola Tenderini, that he will escort you through the city to find the ideal corner to paint, creating your own artwork by watercolors.

    The experience starts at the artist workshop where he will do a brief introduction about his artistic...Read more

Demonstration of art print

clock 20 minutes
  • Arianna is one of the few remaining Venetian artisans who still prints like in the 15th century. If you plan to visit Venice you cannot miss the opportunity to travel through time and return to the age of the "Serenissima".

    You can meet Arianna at her art studio, an antique-style printing house in Fondamenta dei Ormesini in the Cannaregio...Read more

Venice Private Mask Workshop

clock 1 day
  • Learn how to decorate your mask. You will have a mask, the color sand and everything else that you may need to make a good job. You will enjoy the experience in a real Venetian Atelier where typical masks are created and at the end you'll bring your creation at...Read more

Private Original Venice Photo Walk :

clock 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Touring a new city can be a very exciting experience, but it can also be quite an adventure if you are unsure of which places to visit and how. Language barrier may also represent a curious obstacle but it can also be frustrating. We offer an innovative and unforgettable Photographic Tours to welcome you in some of the most fascinating and...Read more

Half day Photography workshop in the magical Venice

clock 3 hours 30 minutes
  • Venice is unique and wonderful, without a doubt. If you are here on vacation, you will surely want to come home with some beautiful memories to show to friends and family and to cherish.

    If you are passionate about photography, you absolutely must participate in this workshop that will show you how to best photograph the beauties of the...Read more

Glassblowing in Venice, Italy (Small Group)

clock 20 minutes
  • Learn the secrets of glassblowing during this activity in Venice. Visit a Glass Factory Showroom near St Mark's Square to see examples of this highly specialized glass art, beloved by collectors the world over. Learn about this technique's origins in the Roman Empire from you guide, then watch a glassblowing demonstration by a Master Artisan. Walk...Read more

Create your original Art print

clock 3 hours
  • The ancient art of engraving, which had its greatest splendor and diffusion in Venice, will have no more secrets! For those who want a unique experience in the ancient world of craftsmanship, I organize individual courses (one or at most two people) to explain and put into practice the basic techniques of engraving. Participants will thus have the...Read more

Jewish Ghetto in Venice, From Past to Present | LivTalks On Demand with Matteo

clock 45 minutes
  • This LivTalk is On-demand, meaning it is available and ready when you are!

    This 45 minute LivTalks recording will give you an overview of the Jewish Ghetto in Venice, how it came to be, how it survived and thrived over the centuries and its importance to Venetian heritage...Read more

Venice Grand Canal Family Tour with Games and an Art Project

clock 2 hours 30 minutes
  • In this interactive game for the whole family, kids and parents are tasked with the mission Build their very own palace overlooking the Grand Canal. In this fantastical role-playing game, you are a family of merchants, just arrived in Venice...Enjoy an engaging private boat ride along the Grand Canal to be fully immersed in life during the...Read more

Venice Italy Kids Treasure Hunt and Art Workshop

clock 3 hours
  • Our Mystery and Fantasy Treasure Hunt is fun for the whole family. An original way to discover the mysteries and symbols illustrating the history of Venice. With the help of a map, photos of clues, a quiz and a fun and engaging teacher, Venice's fascinating curiosities are brought to life for the whole family. Our treasure hunt will take us to the...Read more

Venice Family Murano Tour with Glass Beads Kids Art Workshop

clock 3 hours
  • Your family will enjoy visiting a typical Murano glass-blowing studio. With the help of our docents, you will discover how master craftsmen create beautiful hand-blown glass on the island of Murano for centuries (2 hrs.). Afterwards, parents can enjoy a leisurely aperitivo (aperitif on their own) or a stroll while your kids learn about the art of...Read more

From Venice to China on the Trail of Marco Polo | LivTalks On Demand with Erika

clock 45 minutes
  • This LivTalk is On-demand, meaning it is available and ready when you are!

    Erika will take you through Marco Polo’s adventures and tell you just what he discovered in China and how he left his mark there still to this day. Learn about his tales through his writings and how he has forever influenced trade with the East, and how it in turn...Read more