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Create your original Art print

clock 3 hours
  • The ancient art of engraving, which had its greatest splendor and diffusion in Venice, will have no more secrets! For those who want a unique experience in the ancient world of craftsmanship, I organize individual courses (one or at most two people) to explain and put into practice the basic techniques of engraving. Participants will thus have the...Read more

Demonstration of art print

clock 20 minutes
  • Arianna is one of the few remaining Venetian artisans who still prints like in the 15th century. If you plan to visit Venice you cannot miss the opportunity to travel through time and return to the age of the "Serenissima".

    You can meet Arianna at her art studio, an antique-style printing house in Fondamenta dei Ormesini in the Cannaregio...Read more

Venice: Traditional Goldbeater Tour

clock 1 hour
  • Learn the traditional art of transforming gold into slim leaves at an original goldbeater laboratory. Discover all the secrets behind this ancient...Read more

Venetian mask workshop with a local artisan

clock 2 hours
  • Meet a local mask artisan in Venice. Enter his atelier and learn all about this traditional Venetian craft. He will teach you how to create your own original...Read more

Basic course of artistic serigraphy

clock 3 hours
  • Fallani Venezia is a craft laboratory of artistic serigraphy, active since 1968 in the heart of the city of Venice. Print high quality editions, making available their technical expertise and sensitivity, managing to interpret and translate into graphics the different expressive languages of painters, sculptors, photographers, illustrators, street...Read more

Discovering artistic serigraphy

clock 1 hour
  • A unique experience that combines art and craftsmanship, in a laboratory that in over fifty years of activity has created over a thousand different graphics, working with over 250 artists from all over the...Read more

ABC Mask Decoration Courses

clock 1 hour
  • The ABC course is equally suitable for all ages. Thanks to the various decorative techniques available, children can independently participate from 4 years upwards. Adults can experiment with different types of professional...Read more

Create your own papier-mâché Venetian mask

clock 1 hour 30 minutes
  • The course will take place like this:

    - Choose a model among the many available.

    - Build your Venetian papier-mâché mask step by step under the expert guidance of a professional.

    - Wait a few minutes for the mask to dry (thanks to our innovative technique).

    - Take your new papier-mâché mask out of the mold!

    -...Read more

COMBO COURSE - Create your own papier mache mask and decorate it!

clock 2 hours 30 minutes
  • –Create your papier mache mask with a professional.

    - Take out your mask and refine the details.

    - Choose one of the many decoration techniques available.

    - Decorate your mask in a traditional way or personalize it with feathers, rhinestones and other materials.

    - Your mask is finished and you can take it away...Read more

Meet gondola’s craftsman: creation of the Forcola

clock 1 hour
  • Amazing experience with Piero Dri, one of the few artisans that still creates the famous gondola’s Forcola: a type of rowlock used by the gondolier to move the special boat along the waterways and the Canal Grande. Each fórcola is a unique piece since it is specifically designed for its personal gondolier according to his height and rowing...Read more

Venice Carnival: Paint your own Mask

clock 1 hour 15 minutes
  • Enjoy a carnival workshop in Piazza San Marco with local artists that will help you to paint your own mask!
    Live the Venice Carnival as a protagonist personalizing your mask to dress during this special period!

    The professional Venetian mask painters will make your painting experience truly memorable! They will guide you step by step in...Read more

Venice Carnival Mask-Making Class

clock 1 hour
  • If you want to live a real experience in the heart of Venice that's the right choice!

    A Venetian Master Artisan will explain to you, in 1 hour course, the traditional art of making or decorating a mask, an artistic personal event which will make you live the preparation for the Venetian Carnival.

    Create your own unique masterpiece...Read more

Create your glass artwork: private lesson with local artisan

clock 1 hour 15 minutes
  • You will create a marvelous glass artwork with one of the most famous craftsmen of Venice: Massimiliano Caldarone. You are going to discover the secrets and techniques of glass-making art while you personally realize a unique item.

    A class with a celebrated Venetian craftsman who will teach you how to create a unique glass artwork,...Read more

Withlocals Venetian Curiosities Room Virtual Experience

clock 1 hour
  • Want to dive into the history of the floating city? Why not hear some secret tales while you’re at it!

    Explore the curiosities of Venice from my own home and hear historical tales on this virtual tour with a history-loving, Venetian local. Discover how Venetians used to live back in the days and ask Marzia anything you wish to know about...Read more

Small masterpieces - mask making (free tour to Murano included) - PRIVATE

clock 2 hours
  • During this 2-hours class you will choose 2 models among the 43 white masks handmade in papier-maché and start to decorate them using one of the 7 different techniques that can be normally used. The masks’ decorations can be changed over and over, with the masters’ help, until you’ll reach the desired...Read more

Carnivaling - pastry and mask making (tour to Murano included) - PRIVATE

clock 4 hours
  • Frittelle are the most famous dolci or sweets of Venice Carnival. Frittelle come in a variety of styles, both filled and unfilled. The very traditional “Veneziana” has no filling, but just raisins and pine nuts mixed into the fairly heavy dough. After frying, the frittelle are rolled in granulated sugar.
    Frittelle are followed closely in...Read more

Mask Workshop - Paint your own Venetian mask

clock 1 hour
  • * Paint your own Venetian Mask
    * Learn the Venetian painting tecniques
    * Discover the Venetian art of mask making and painting
    * Experience in a typical Venetian mask studio
    * Take home your own...Read more

Create your own perfume Workshop

clock 2 hours
  • * Discover the history of Perfumery and the origins of raw materials
    * Identify the different essences used by a "Nose"
    * Learn the olfactory pyramid
    * Learn techniques and methods for creating your very own fragrance
    * Visit the Museum of Palazzo...Read more

Workshop on Lampworking & hot glass bead making

clock 1 hour
  • * Discover the ancient ‘lamp-working’ technique to handcraft Venetian beads
    * Enter a wonderful workshop using real Murano glass
    * Learn how to make amazing fashion jewels using thousand-year-old materials
    * Make yourself a gift that will last forever
    * Join the tour and contribuite to preserve a colorful and fascinating...Read more

Glass Lampwork workshop and walking tour in Murano: create your own bead!

clock 2 hours 30 minutes
  • Get ready to discover the Murano island, witnessing artistry in action in its glass factories, experiencing the lampwork tradition by creating your own Venetian bead and visiting the Byzantine-style 12th century mosaics of its churches.
    You will have a personal glass lampwork workshop, in which you will create your own Venetian bead, keeping...Read more