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Top Attractions In Vienna For Free

Vienna is a great city to visit in Europe. The city is filled with excellent museums, beautiful buildings, and magnificent opera houses. If you're worried about going beyond your travel budget, your best bet is to check out the many cheap things to do in Vienna. In fact, if you simply walk along the city streets, the number of interesting attractions that you'll come across with will sure to amaze you!

Like most of the major cities in Europe, Vienna is not cheap to visit. However, there are many in free things to do Vienna that should keep you busy even with limited money. If you love museums, there are a few free museums in Vienna on the first Sunday of every month are the Wien Museum Karlsplatz, Römermuseum, MAK and Otto Wagner Hofpavillon Hietzing.

Of course, make sure you drop by the many free attractions in Vienna, such as the Imperial Palace, St. Stephen's Cathedral, the Schloss Schonbrunn Gardens, Ringstrasse, Stadtpark, and many more!

What's good about Vienna is that there will always be something interesting to check out regardless of the time of the year that you visited. For instance, one of the free things to do in Vienna this summer is to stroll along the city's beautiful parks while enjoying the good weather. For instance, you can head to Volksgarten, otherwise known as the People's Park, a beautiful park surrounded with gorgeous rose gardens and decorative fountains.

Are you taking your kids with you? Then one of the free things to do in Vienna with kids is to head to Prater Park. This historic park has a trade fair centre that attracts both locals and tourists. You and your kids will surely have a great time here.

Wit the many free things to do in Vienna, there's no reason why you can't have a great time here even when you're traveling in a budget. So check out this list.

Free Attractions in Vienna

Top Rated Vienna Attractions


Schloss Schonbrunn Gardens

Vienna provides its visitors a glimpse of how the royal life of the country was through the Schloss Schonbrunn palace and its adjacent gardens. Since 1779, when the palace was first opened for local public, has become a major attraction for people all across the world. No wonder it was listed on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites in 1996, along with the palace.

If you plan to see how the royalty of the Vienna lived but cannot...

Kunsthistorische Museum Vienna

clock Duration: 1 hour
  • A fine art museum and one of Vienna's most popular attractions.
  • Built by Emperor Franz Joseph and opened in 1891.
  • Home to an array of art collections spreading over five millenia.
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Imperial Palace

The Imperial Palace in Vienna, also known as Hofburg is one of the most essential buildings in the history of Austria. For centuries the Imperial Palace was the head of the Great Habsburg Empire.

Today, the Imperial Palace narrates the history of the times when royals ruled the country of Austria. The Imperial Palace till date preserves the intricate details of the lives of nobles. The Imperial Apartments that were actually the...

Vienna House of Music Entrance Ticket

clock Duration: 90 to 120 mi
  • Interactive sound and music museum where you can learn about history and tradition of Viennese music.
  • At least 2 hours in this magnificent and fun museum where you will be able to customize your itinerary.
  • Five floors museum with interactive displays, musical artifacts and the Vienna Philharmonic historical archives.
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If you are in the city of Vienna, and wish to see as many landmarks and monuments as you can, but are running out of time, then Ringstrasse is where you should head.

Ringstrasse is basically a 5.3 kilometers long road, stretching through the centre of the city that passes through a number of ancient buildings and monuments that make some of the most significant sights of the city.

Most of the ancient buildings like the Vienna...

Museum Hundertwasser Entrance Ticket at the Kunst House Wien

clock Duration: 2 to 3 hours
  • Museum founded by Friedensreich Hundertwasser, one of the most important Austrian artist of the 20th century.
  • Several exhibition levels, with the best of his work and collection of paintings, prints, tapestries and architectural designs.
  • Vienna's first "green museum with green roofs and placed trees in the facade.
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St. Stephen's Cathedral

Stephansdom or St. Stephen’s Cathedral is one of the most significant churches for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Vienna. It is given the status of the mother church and holds the seat of Archbishop of Vienna. Taking its current Gothic and Roman form from the time of the Duke Rudolf IV (1339-1365), it basically stands tall on the remains of two churches, one of them being a parish church. The church is considered the most important...

Vienna's Schonbrunn Zoo and Giant Ferris Wheel

clock Duration: 4 to 6 hours
  • Entrance to the Schoenbrunn Zoo, home to more than 400 animals of each continent.
  • Including a ride on the world-famous Giant Ferris Wheel.
  • The ticket is valid for 1 month from the date you exchange the voucher.
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Danube Canal

The Danube Canal or Donaukanal is a tributary of River Danube which is the prime source of water provision in Vienna. Having a length 10.7 miles, it is one of best places to pay a visit for a day full of fun and excitement. The canal borders with the city centre and later merge with Wien River as it moves forward. The canal also joins Prater Park at Simmering which is a great tourist attraction in itself, but to see the canal in its full...

Combo: Schonbrunn Palace, Hofburg Palace, Dinner and Orangery Concert

clock Duration: 5 to 8 hours
  • Sightseeing package with dinner and concert included.
  • A visit to Sisi Museum, The Hofburg, Hofmobiliendepot ending at Orangery at Schoenbrunn Palace.
  • Do it all in one day or in different days, the dinner and concert have to be done the same day, and the entrance to the museums are valid for one year.
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People's Park (Volksgarten)

Volksgarten or otherwise known as People’s Park is a beautiful and elegant park that served as the gathering point for aristocrats for a long time. The park is one of its kinds with its amazing layout and aesthetic beauty that made it the centre of aristocracy gatherings. The park is laid out in the classic French manner bearing an astounding rose garden and accompanying flowerbeds that are geometric in nature. The park is home to many...

Leopold Museum Vienna Entrance Ticket

clock Duration: 2 to 3 hours
  • It's a unique treasure-house of Viennese Jugendstil, the Wiener WerkstA¤tte and Expressionism.
  • It holds the most significant and largest collection of Egon Schiele and masterworks by Gustav Klimt.
  • The most visited museum in the MuseumsQuartier.
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Vienna was once enclosed by grand medieval walls and there came a time when those walls were shunned by demolishing them in the 19th century. The purpose was to expand Vienna and demolishing the walls helped in doing so by making large areas open for development. It was time period when a great boom was seen in architectural development in the city and some areas were specified just to create parks in them for public.

Stadtpark is also...

Time Travel: Magic Vienna History Tour

clock Duration: 50 minutes
  • One-hour guided tour about the history of Vienna with 5D cinema, animatronic shows, virtual reality music ride and special effects.
  • Located in the caverns of an authentic medieval monastery in the city center.
  • Includes all the history from the Roman Vienna to the views of the 21st-century city and its well-known...
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If you are looking for a place to buy some fresh fruits and vegetables from across the world while at Vienna, yet hoping not to splurge all your money over just your shopping tour, then Naschmarkt is probably the place you must pay a visit to.

Being one of the biggest open market of Vienna, Naschmarkt not only provides you with a good shopping getaway, featuring all kinds of fresh and healthy delights at reasonable rates, but it also...

Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna and Imperial Treasury of Vienna

clock Duration: 3 hours
  • Museum multi-pass to explore two major museums in Vienna: the Kunsthistorisches Museum and the Imperial Treasury of Vienna.
  • The Kunsthistorisches Museum holds the world's most important paintings by Pieter Brueger, Rubens, Rembrandt, Raphael, Velazquez, Titian and Durer.
  • The Kunsthistorisches Museum holds the world's most...
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Prater Park

Prater is one of the most astounding places to visit in Vienna. It is situated between the Donua canal and Donua River with its most famous attraction being a giant wheel which is historic and is known as Riesenrad. The park is extremely pleasing to the eyes with large meadows and woodlands. Other than that, Prater houses multiple recreational facilities as well such as a large stadium, tennis courts, a swimming pool, a planetarium and...

Imperial Treasury of Vienna Entrance Ticket

clock Duration: 1 hour
  • The Imperial Treasury Vienna in Hofburg Palace showcases the unique treasures of the House of Habsburg.
  • Guaranteed to skip the line and go inside the museum as you arrive.
  • Estimated one-hour tour, however, you can stay inside as long as you wish.
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Austria offers some of the most distinctive tourist attraction places in the world, like the famous cemetery, Zentralfriedhof. Being one of the largest cemeteries in Europe and the largest in Austria, Zentralfriedhof provides a very unique tourist spot for visitors.

The famous Zentralfriedhof cemetery was created in 1874, which is now serving as the place of final abode of three million Austrians. Stretching over 2.4 square...

Vienna PASS: City Sightseeing Vienna Attractions

clock Duration: 1 to 6 days
  • A one, two, three or six day pass to visit Vienna's most popular and talked about attractions along with unlimited rides on the cities hop-on-hop-off buses.
  • Queue jumping at some of the listed attractions.
  • An easy way to explore the cities the best attractions at a discounted rate.
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There are many things you can do for free in Vienna like booking free entry into some Vienna museums, joining locals to do some free activities and others. This allows you to have fun and relax on a budget or save for further experiences on your trip.