Top 5 Must-See Activities in Athens

These are the most famous Athens tourist attractions & sight tours which sees thousands and millions of visitors each year:

Top Athens Museum Tickets & Skip-the-line Tours

You can’t afford not to talk a walk and explore through the world – famous cradle of history and art with visits to several museums in the city of Athens. Get these museum skip – the – line tickets now to explore world – class unique exhibitions in museums like Acropolis Museum, national Archaeological Museum, Goulandris Natural History Museum, Museum of Cycladic Art, Benaki Museum, Byzantine and Christian Museum, and lots more of them in the list. Don’t miss out!!!!

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Athens Top Attractions Tickets & Tours

Athen’s illustrious history dates back to more than 3000 years with the city being the birthplace of great people like Socrates, Pericles and Sophocles. So the city not just hold the relics of the glorious past, but also display a bustling and modern capital city. Some of which includes The Acropolis, Acropolis Museum, Museum Archaeology Museum, The Plaka and Anafiotika Neighborhoods, Ancient Agora, The Roman Agora and Hadrian’s Library, Temple of Olympian Zeus, and many more. Book these top attractions tickets of Athens and gain easy access to them alongside various benefits attached.

Athens Walking & Biking Tours

Being a city of great culture and history, Athens surely has a lot to offer more than just riding in a bus or in a car, you need to take a walk too into the hidden corners that only locals know. How can you do that? Boom! Walking tours. These tours will take you into hidden attractions that lies off – the – beaten paths of the city including The Acropolis, Acropolis Museum, Museum Archaeology Museum, The Plaka and Anafiotika Neighborhoods, Ancient Agora, The Roman Agora and Hadrian’s Library, Temple of Olympian Zeus, and others. You’ll be taken by a professional local guide through the itinerary and also help you discover peculiar history of Athens with some secret legends and facts that will make you fall in love with the city. Walk your way into Athens’s beauty now!!!

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Top Athens Hop on Hop off Bus Tours

These Athens hop on hop off bus tours introduces you to the sights and attractions of the city that effortlessly blends spectacular natural world ancient beauties. As the bus runs through the streets and lanes, prepare your itinerary and enjoy unlimited hop on hop off at various stops of the metropolitan area. Audio commentary in multiple languages are also available in the buses. Some of the attractions that they would cover includes The Acropolis, Acropolis Museum, Museum Archaeology Museum, The Plaka and Anafiotika Neighborhoods, Ancient Agora, The Roman Agora and Hadrian’s Library, Temple of Olympian Zeus, and others.

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Athens Cruise/ Boat Hop on Hop off Tours

Why will you miss the spectacular coastline region of Athens? You can’t because these cruise/boat tours won’t make you miss the exhilarating moments you will have on the deck of boat and ships. You definitely can’t afford to miss them for anything as they’ll make sure you enjoy fully the skyline views of Athens seashore attractions like Moraitis Sport Center, Bolivar Beach, Eden Beach, Aegeon Beach, Karavi Schinias, Galazia Akti, and lots more. Go aboard the deck of boats and catamarans now to experience Athens beautifully.

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Bike Tours in Athens

One of the sweetest ways to go off the beaten paths and an alternative to sightsee rather than going on foot in Athens is by booking bike tours. They come in different ways including human – powered bicycles, e – bikes, quad bikes, and lots more as you can find them in the options. You’ll enjoy the company of a professional guide who will first brief you on the ethics of riding before you set out on the fun – filled adventure according to the itinerary. Don’t worry, all safety equipment will be provided to you and you group. Get your choice booked now and have the best of fun in Athens!!!

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Athens Food & Wine Tours

One of the things you’ll surely crave when you get to Athens is food and drink, of which some food types have survived centuries and they are still vibrantly cherished by Greek locals. Athens is full of delicious and must try foods, but you can only get the best place to eat and drink the best of Athens foods and drinks during these food tours. You’ll be accompanied by a guide who will take you through the beautiful restaurants and markets, exclusively making you explore the beauty of Athens culinary culture. Just slide in and fill your stomach with everything you want to eat.

Top Athens Theatre Shows & Concerts Tickets

In Athens, be prepared to attend several notable local and international performances which happen underway in the city throughout the year. Pick your choice among these theater shows and concerts tickets now, and gain fast track entry into them including having your desired seat/reserved front row seat. Your vacation is not complete if you miss visiting the city’s theatres.

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Athens Night Tours

Are you the night - crawling type? Then these are for you. Athens night tours are the best ways you can spice up your night with the best night activities you've ever dreamt of, amidst well - organization, professional guides, night sightseeing, and maximum fun. No one will want to miss seeing the brightly illuminated night version of Athens's beautiful ancient city, which you wouldn't want to miss also. Slide into the list now and get booked for nights of FUN.

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Best Day Trips from Athens

Are you thinking of spending a day having organized fun - filled activities? Or you want to go out of the city of Athens on a trip into the surrounding neighborhoods and regions? Or you want to spend the day exploring from one place to another as stated in the itinerary of day trips? Then this is for you. With these Athens day trips, you'll have your day abundantly immersed in the beauty of fun - filled activities and explorations. Check through and book your place into having FUN and historical explorations.

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