Cheap Day Trips from Copenhagen

The Copenhagen day trips are perfect for those who want to explore this wonderful city before nightfall. For those who want to engage in this fun activity, you need not worry because the best Copenhagen trips give a full insight into what the city is like. Copenhagen by coach tour is perfect for couples and families who want to have a private time and a more personal trip around Copenhagen which involves trips to some notable places and passage through rivers, beaches, mountains, railways etc.

The cheap Copenhagen day trips are perfect for travellers who would opt for a free tour because they working with a budget so they have to be conscious of their spending. With the Copenhagen tour tickets, tourists can get into wonderlands, parks, hotels, restaurants and other historic landmarks that would make their tour quite memorable. Travellers are advised to wear something comfortable to enjoy their trips because it could involve walking, mountain climbing, hopping on and off a boat or a vehicle and some other activities. Keep in mind that these tours were selected based on customer reviews, prices and inquiries from tour companies and officials. The day trips come with special offers like lunch, drinks, tea, massage and so much more.

Royal Castle Tour

1. Royal Castle Tour

clock Duration: 6 hours 30
  • This trip takes the tourists through a fairytale adventure in many Denmark's dungeons and castles.
  • Guided tours to help the tourist have a better knowledge about the historical significance of the castle at North Zealand.
  • Fans of Shakespeare can find the castle used as the theme of Hamlet- Kronborg Castle.
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Malmö Independent Day Trip from Copenhagen with Canal Cruise

2. Malmö Independent Day Trip from Copenhagen with Canal Cruise

clock Duration: 6 hours
  • This across-the-country trip sees tourists travel to the city of Malmo- Sweden's 3rd largest city.
  • The 6 hour guided tour will have tourists crossing through the Oreson Bridge. Stops can be made at Lilla Torget.
  • Fans of modern art can take a stop at the Moderna Museet Malmo which houses paintings drawn by renowned
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In the Footsteps of the Vikings

3. In the Footsteps of the Vikings

clock Duration: 5 hours 30
  • The tourists get a glimpse in the lifestyles and customs of the fascinating Vikings and their warships at the Viking Ship Museum.
  • The UNESCO listed world heritage site Roskilde Cathedral is a popular attraction place of attraction.
  • History enthusiasts also get to learn about one of the obest well-preserved burial
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Grand Day Trip around Copenhagen

4. Grand Day Trip around Copenhagen

clock Duration: 8 hours 30
  • It is one of the grandest packagaes on offer around the city of Copenhagen.
  • Tourists can expect a thrilling adventurous trip through history and modern times of the Danish Kingdom, alongwith the saga of the legendary Vikings.
  • Fans of English literature can also enjoy the legendary Kronborg Slot- the castle which was used
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5-Hour Private Hamlet Castle Tour from Copenhagen

5. 5-Hour Private Hamlet Castle Tour from Copenhagen

clock Duration: 5 hours
  • A guided private tour to the Castle of the Prince of Denmark.
  • The tourers can get to know about the history of the Hamlet's Castle.
  • The tour is available in different languages like English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Hebrew.
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Copenhagen Private Full Day Walking Tour

6. Copenhagen Private Full Day Walking Tour

clock Duration: 6 hours
  • The comprehensive 6 hour private walking tour showcases the best of Copenhagen within a fullday.
  • Tourists will be accompanied by firendly local guides who can speaki in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Arabic or Danish.
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Copenhagen Small Group Grand Tour

7. Copenhagen Small Group Grand Tour

clock Duration: 8 hours
  • One of the popular guided tour packages based on the city, this extensive 8 hour trip covers all of Copenjhagen.
  • The tour transport option is segmented into cycling, walking and travelling by boat.
  • Traveller also get to learn about the hidden doorways, forgooten passageways and secret passageways of Copenhhagen.
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Hamlet And Sweden Tour - Two countries in one day !

8. Hamlet And Sweden Tour - Two countries in one day !

clock Duration: 8 to 9 hou
  • Tourists can avail this special package and visit two countries in one day.
  • The guided tour covers a lot of spaces including Elsinor, Lund, Malmo and the famed Hamlet's castle.
  • Tourists can do some shopping at Sweden if they wish to.
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Malmö & Lund Tour, Crossing the Bridge to Sweden

9. Malmö & Lund Tour, Crossing the Bridge to Sweden

clock Duration: 6 hours 30
  • Tourists will be travelling to Sweden in this guided trip. They will be sightseeing in Malmo and Lund.
  • The 6 hr 40 min (approximate) trip shall be ending with a trip through the magnificent Oresund Bridge.
  • Lovers of architecture will be fascinated by the architectural style of Jakriborg.
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Private Tour to Vikings City Roskilde from Copenhagen

10. Private Tour to Vikings City Roskilde from Copenhagen

clock Duration: 5 hours
  • Take a 5 hour tour deep inside the Danish history from the Vikings to nowadays. Roskilde offers an incredible insight into the world of the Vikings...
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FAQs about Copenhagen Day Trips & Excursions

Copenhagen day trips are special, professionally-guided tours which are designed to take you on long hour trips outside Copenhagen city or sometimes combine various Copenhagen main attractions together at a low cost just to occupy your day with fun-filled moments and interesting activities.

Tripindicator did a thorough research to provide the best Copenhagen day trips by comparing features like easy booking, price – friendliness and also carefully reading all travellers reviews and feedback - subsequently following FAQs about Copenhagen Day trips.

How much is a Day tour from Copenhagen?

Copenhagen day trips are trips that take you on a day exploration inside or outside a city. They vary in days (including: Copenhagen multiple day tour, day trips outside Copenhagen city, day trips in Copenhagen city), and varies also in prices based on type of Copenhagen day trips starting from € 11.68 to 11.68.

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