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clock 30 minutes
  • Do you dream of taking yourself to IronMan Popeye Jetski provides you with technology thanks to zapata racing jetpack! even more radical than the sports flyboard, get an adrenaline rush and discover incredible sensations like we see in the cinema ... or almost :) So, you try the experience make your holidays in dubai an unforgettable moment...Read more

Flyboard,jetpack, Jetovator,scuba Diving,diving Course

clock 30 minutes
  • The JETBLADE is the boot doing the kicking. Very little beats the thrill of hydro flight. Standing and balancing on a board in mid-air ranks near the top of adventure dreams. We got into this because of the amazing feeling of being able to steer yourself through the air with the “cushion” of the water to offset the inevitable return to earth...Read more

Jetovator in Dubai

clock 30 minutes
  • Climb aboard a Jetovator flybike — a water-propelled version of a motorcycle — and master what only looks like an extreme sport with the help of a certified instructor. During this 30-minute lesson in Dubai, fly above the ocean and try aerial tricks and dives. No prior experience is needed, as you’ll receive personalized attention. This...Read more

Jetpack in Dubai

clock 30 minutes
  • Soar high above Dubai`s beautiful waterfront on this 30-minute jet pack flight. Rise to 45 feet above the turquoise waters of Palm Jumeirah, propelled by the power of this jet pack, providing a one-of-a-kind view of palm jumeirah and the surrounding area. Get personalized attention and professional instruction, then grab the throttle and ride the...Read more

Fly Fish Dubai Tour With Private Transfer From Dubai

clock 15 minutes
  • Enjoy a unique water fun in Dubai or wish to experience a more exhilarating version of banana boat ride,Fly Fish tour. A fly fish is an inflatable raft, shaped like the alphabet ‘E’ and containing safe side pontoons, besides a big main float. Depending on its size, it can seat two to five people (Subject to availability)
    On a thrilling ride...Read more