What To Expect from the Uffizi Gallery?

There are many sections to visit and enjoy in the Uffizi Gallery, and you can expect to leave with a whole wealth of new knowledge about some of the most famous paintings ever made.

Archaeological section

This section consists of an eclectic mix of both Greek and Roman artifacts. Here you can peruse some of the oldest collections in the world, including sculptural works such as statues, sarcophagi and busts!

Renaissance section

The Renaissance section is a widely popular and beloved area of the Uffizi gallery, and is considered to be one of the most important places in the world for Renaissance art.

Featuring the works of the likes of da Vinci, Michelangelo, Botticelli and Tintoretto, you're sure to find a vivid collection of stunning Renaissance pieces here.

Medieval section

In the medieval section of the Uffizi Gallery, you'll find numerous collections of works of art, including painting, drawings, sculptures and some truly iconic pieces from Cimabue and Giotto.

If you're a true art fiend, then you're sure to want to visit the Medieval section of the Uffizi as you'll be able to enjoy a wide range of incredible masterpieces.

17th and 18th century

Another thing that you can expect from the Uffizi Gallery is their collection of 17th and 18th century art collections. You'll be able to discover the work of Antony van Dyck, Goya and Canaletto, plus many more.

Cabinet of Prints

The Gabinetto delle stampe - or Cabinet of Prints as it's more commonly known in the English language - boasts an impressive collection of over 150,000 etchings and drawings from the likes of da Vinci and Michelangelo.


As well as all the extensive sections that comprise of artwork, drawings and sculptures, the Uffizi Gallery is also home to a library whereby you can learn more about the artwork featured inside the gallery.


During your visit to the Uffizi Gallery, you may also wish to pay a visit to the museum where you can discover even BUY NOW & MORE INFOrmation about the history, architecture and collections of the Uffizi Gallery.

Despite it being a fascinating historical structure, the museum inside the gallery is accessible to physically impaired people, and also includes an art restoration centre where you'll be able to learn more about the history behind the gallery.