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Top Florence Ghost & Vampire Tours


Discovering the wonders of Florence

clock 2 hours
  • We will start from the old centre of the Roman town, todays Piazza della Repubblica, in front of the Gilli Cafe.We will walk with you through the beauty of the city, moving around the oldest medieval streets of the city centre, lined up with towers. We reach Piazza Signoria, the political heart of the city, with its ancient buildings and famous...Read more

Dante Inferno Outdoor Escape Game in Florence

clock 1 to 2 hours
  • Go on a quest around Florence by solving clues that will take you on an adventure inspired by the Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri, all with the help of your smartphone. Unlock new stories as you discover on your own Palazzo Vecchio, the Florence Dome, Cupola del Brunelleschi, and more.

    + Discover the haunted streets around Piazza del...Read more

Pinocchio's adventures:the places of the writer Collodi and his Puppet Pinocchio

clock 7 hours
  • Do you want to be a child again by living the adventures of the most famous puppet in the world? The Cat and the Fox, the adorable Blue Fairy, the Terrible Fish-dog, the thoughtful Geppetto, not to mention the Talking Cricket: you will meet all these characters on a journey that will make young and old dream ...

The dark side of Florence - Mysteries and Legends

clock 1 hour 45 minutes
  • In this tour we’ll show you the hidden side of Florence, with stories of ghosts, murders, betrayals and curiosities that go beyond the typical history of the city.
    Have you ever heard about the Monster of Florence, one of the bloodiest serial killers ever? Are you curious about florentine superstitions, conspiracies, unexplained things,...Read more

Egyptian Mummies and the Etruscans in Florence: an amazing unvealed exhibition!

clock 2 hours
  • The National Archaeological Museum of Florence contains one of the most comprehensive collections of Italian archaeology with a chance to admire an impressive collections of ancient civilisations: Etruscan, Roman, Greek, Egyptian. Here are Etruscan urns and tombs found in Tuscany, the famous Chimera di Arezzo, the Minerva di Arezzo and the...Read more

Florence: Serial Killer Outdoor Escape Game

clock 1 hour
  • Embark on a quest around Florence by solving clues based on the real story of the Monster of Florence, a serial killer that killed 20 people, all with the help of your smartphone. Unlock new stories as you discover on your own Palazzo Vecchio, the Santa Maria del Fiore Cathedral and Dome, Loggia del Bigallo, and more.

    + Discover the real...Read more