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Camden Pub Crawl in London

clock 7 hours
  • This is a night tour in London where you will be taken by a professional nightcrawler into one of London coolest neighborhoods - Camden.
  • A free entry tour that gives you an electric nightlife with London locals as you party with them in the electrified atmosphere. Read more
  • A night crawl that comes with discounted prices of drinks plus special shots low prices.
  • What You'll Do:

  • Explore Camden which is London most diverse and creative neighborhoods and discover the reason why it is named "Pub City" of London.
  • Party the night away in various nightclubs visited amidst the crowd of locals and travelers who are in the region for same reason.
  • Enjoy many free things that will save you money including free entry, discounted price of local drinks, Lesser price of International drinks, some free shots (up to 5) and many more.
  • What It Includes:

  • An exclusive 7 - hours (approx.) night tour
  • 5 shots
  • Discounted drinks
  • Explore Camden alongside a Professional Local Guide
  • Live Entertainment including DJ performances and Live musicians
  • Age limit: 18 years and above
  • Available for all travelers
  • Travellers Talk:

  • I had the best of night and the guide was professional and at the same time a pub crawler. It was a perfect combo.
  • The guide was knowledgeable, he knows which Pubs give more energy. I recommend this tour for anybody in the world.
  • Is It Right:

  • Definitely right for everybody, especially fun - seekers who love to party.
  • The best choice for friends "outing and even couples" hangout.
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Private Borough Market Food Tour in London

clock 3 hours
  • This is a comfortable ride on the waterways of River Thames that comes with Lunch coupled with sightseeing
  • A sail that gives you a perfect sightseeing experience of London skyline and the city's shoreline attractions. Read more
  • A mix of Lunch with Jazz music entertainment including jazz classics, Dixieland and trad Jazz numbers, indigenous jazz by acclaimed musicians and lots more.
  • What You'll Do:

  • You will enjoy a lunch of three - course meal that is freshly prepared on - board specially on your request.
  • Stand on the deck of the ship to enjoy wonderful views of London attractions such as the Big ben, the Houses of Parliament, the Tate Modern, the London Eye, Watch Too, Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, Tower Bridge, St. Paul's Cathedral and lots more.
  • As you savor your meal, enjoy live entertainment of mainstream songs, soul - pleasing live performances, smooth jazz and trad jazz songs.
  • What It Includes:

  • A 2 hours 30 minutes (approx.) Lunch cruise experience.
  • A 3 - course lunch menu inspired by Local and International dishes
  • Live performance and Entertainment from acclaimed musicians.
  • Drinks: Coffee and Tea
  • Vegetarian option available
  • Group Tour (maximum of 15 travelers)
  • Travellers Talk:

  • The Uniqueness of this lunch package can never be overemphasized. It is a great way to combine sightseeing with food
  • We were happy to have included this tour on our Honeymoon vacation. It was a perfect romantic afternoon for my spouse and I
  • Is It Right:

  • A fun - filled option for you to have nice time with either yourself or with your wife.
  • Adventure lovers will not want to miss this tour for anything.
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Changing of the Guard Guided tour Tour

clock 2 hours
  • Going through every stage of the Changing of the guard. We explore all of the palace grounds going though the history of each area. Finding the best photo opportunities and having a great time with one of the oldest rituals still going on in...Read more

British Museum Guided Tour

clock 2 hours
  • A guided tour of the largest museum of the United Kingdom and a short overview of its highlights.
  • The British Museum displays tens of thousands of exhibits and taking the tour helps visitors determine where to start. Read more
  • The number of participants is limited to 20, which ensures personalized experience.
  • What You'll Do:

  • Join the personalized guided tour spotlighting the highlights of the British Museum and remain as long as you like afterward.
  • Learn to interpret the Egyptian letter to gain a better understanding of some related exhibits.
  • See the glass ceiling of the Great Court and many other interesting exhibits of the museum.
  • What It Includes:

  • Licensed and knowledgeable guide.
  • Headsets for everyone if the number of participants exceeds several people.
  • Commentary in several widely spoken languages.
  • Travellers Talk:

  • We had an overlook of the museum and watched the most important objects.
  • We learned a lot and it was very interesting.
  • We really enjoyed this tour & would recommend it to others.
  • Is It Right:

  • The tour is suitable for people of all ages.
  • If you are interested in history, art, culture or any specific area of expertise that relates to these, you shouldn't miss the guided tour and a visit to the British Museum.
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Harry Potter Tour of Warner Bros. Studio with Luxury Transport from London

clock 7 hours
  • A visit to the Warner Bros Studios and the world of Harry Potter.
  • An opportunity to tour iconic places and locations from the popular film series. Read more
  • Have the chance to see costumes and props and magical tricks from the wizarding world.
  • What You'll Do:

  • Benefit of a round trip from London to the Warner Bros Studios.
  • See Dumbledore's office, the Great Hall and other recognizable places from the film series.
  • Enjoy interactive contents.
  • What It Includes:

  • Transfer to the Warner Brothers Studios from downtown London.
  • Departures at different times.
  • Travellers Talk:

  • For the most part, tourists were delighted for having an opportunity to visit this film-making institution.
  • They spoke positivly about the staff and had opportunities to try interactive activities.
  • Is It Right:

  • The Warner Bros Studios is a must-visit for fans of Harry Potter and adventure enthusiasts.
  • The Studios cater for all ages.
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Changing of the Guard Guided Walking Tour in London

clock 1 hour 30 minutes
  • A quintessential London experience introducing the changing of the royal guards.
  • A walking tour that takes its participants to the best places for observing the Changing of the Royal Guards ceremony. Read more
  • The tour covers various attractions, including the Buckingham Palace, Saint James Palace and the Duke of York Column.
  • What You'll Do:

  • Get outside views of the Buckingham Palace, Pall Mall and the Saint James Palace among other landmarks during the guided tour.
  • Marvel at the precision with which the Queen's guards change their positions and march.
  • Access the best places for observing the Changing of the Guard ceremony.
  • What It Includes:

  • Service by a professional and insightful tour guide.
  • An entertaining walking tour covering the Changing of the Guard routes and several attractions.
  • Travellers Talk:

  • We saw the guard as they came out of the palace - we were standing right in the front row.
  • He was very informative and really knew all the history of the Royal family and the changing of the Guard.
  • This was a great tour and our guide was excellent.
  • Is It Right:

  • The tour is suitable for everyone who wishes to enjoy a first-class entertainment before proceeding to explore London.
  • People interested in history should find the guided tour of exceptional value.
  • The activity caters to young and old visitors alike.
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Guided Luxury Paris Day Trip with Optional Lunch at the Eiffel Tower

clock 15 hours
  • A guided tour to Paris, the capital of France and the "City of Culture."
  • An opportunity to enjoy sightseeing of Paris by bus and on board the boat. Read more
  • After the guided tour, the participants could join a tour of the Louvre Museum.
  • What You'll Do:

  • Tour Paris and see its spectacular attractions.
  • Have lunch at the Eiffel Tower.
  • Cruise along the Seine and admire Paris's UNESCO-declared riverbanks.
  • What It Includes:

  • Traveling by Eurostar's trains.
  • A 2-course lunch at one of the Eiffel Tower's restaurants.
  • The cruise on the Seine River and the city tour by bus.
  • Travellers Talk:

  • A visit to one of the most amazing cities in the world can't be a bad thing, which the reviews of the people that took part in the trip confirm.
  • Is It Right:

  • Absolutely, the French capital is culture" and "art" embodied.
  • The trip is pleasant and suitable for all ages.
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Fully Guided Tour of Warner Bros Studio Tour London – The Making of Harry Potter

clock 6 hours
  • A guided tour of the Warner Bros Studios, the facility where Harry Potter came into existence.
  • A deep insight about the film series. Read more
  • Transfer from London by train.
  • What You'll Do:

  • Listen to guide that will reveal many interesting facts about the series.
  • Tour the studios on your own after the tour.
  • Get behind the scenes to see costumes and experience props and sets.
  • A round trip ticket by train from London.
  • What It Includes:

  • Entry to the Warner Brothers Studios at the time specified on the ticket.
  • Travellers Talk:

  • Almost every participant in the tour had an awesome time during the guided tour.
  • They have a high opinion about the guide's performance and professionalism.
  • Is It Right:

  • This tour is entertaining for people of all ages.
  • Even if you aren't a Harry Potter fan, the reviewers agree that you will have a fantastic time nevertheless.
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Ghastly Ghost Walking Tour in London

clock 2 hours
  • A thrilling tour into the aftermaths of London hidden stories as you walk pass various heart - popping regions of London.
  • An educative tour where you will hear haunting tales of London crime stories, including visit to buildings where murder and mayhem happened. Read more
  • A walk through the dark streets and teeth - chilling alleyways of London where unseen voices are said to be heard by many.
  • What You'll Do:

  • Slide through creepy alleys and darkened regions which holds stories of murder, ghastly killings, pandemonium moments and mayhem in London history.
  • Bring along a good camera to take photo shots of major landmarks and possible phantoms, ghosts and apparitions.
  • Listen to thrilling and exhilarating tales from an experienced professional guide who will also be your source of navigation throughout the tour.
  • What It Includes:

  • A 2 - hours (approx.) London ghost walking tour
  • Tour landmarks alongside a professional explanatory guide
  • Finish your tour at St. Paul's Cathedral and have beautiful sightseeing of the illuminated building
  • Instant confirmation of ticket
  • Warning: Come with comfortable shoes and dresses
  • Photo opportunity
  • Travellers Talk:

  • It was fun mixed with adrenaline - triggering moments. We had the best night and as well hear heart - warming stories from our knowledgeable guide
  • It was an interesting night tour. We learnt so much about London hidden crimes and murder stories. A tour to remember indeed.
  • Is It Right:

  • Highly recommended for everybody, not that scary but stories are interestingly thrilling.
  • A perfect option for couples or group of friends to have a nice time exploring city's creepy areas.
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Historic London Pub Tour

clock 1 hour 45 minutes
  • This is a discovery tour into the most decorated drinking regions and food scenes of London city.
  • An interesting activity exploration of over four historic pubs where you will savor different tastes of brews (at own expense). Read more
  • A dive into centuries - old houses where you will learn about the foremost traditions of drinking among London ages.
  • What You'll Do:

  • Discover over four local pubs by visiting regions of London like the famous London Bridge, Fleet street and Holborn.
  • Learn about the life lived by legendary men like Charles Dickens, Arthur Conan Doyle, and other writers as you visit an alehouse in Black friars.
  • Buy for yourself a local ale as you visit London attractive landmarks like St. Bride's Church, Dr. Johnson's House, Prince Henry's room, The Old Bank of English Pub, Royal Courts of Justice, Lincolns Inn, Sir John Saone's Museum, Covert Garden and many more.
  • Learn the history that surrounds the various English drinking cultures and traditions.
  • What It Includes:

  • A 3 hours 30 minutes (approx.) tour
  • Travel alongside a Professional Local Guide
  • Participating age: 18 years and above
  • Group tour: Not more than 14 travelers
  • Travellers Talk:

  • It was a fun - filled tour. The tour guide was knowledgeable and took us to pubs that give most energy
  • The reality about this tour is that, it gives moments that won't be forgettable in a jiffy
  • Is It Right:

  • Historians and local drinks lovers will not want to miss this tour for anything
  • A perfect choice for friends hangout and couples day or night outing.
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Jack the Ripper Walking Tour in London

clock 2 hours
  • A tour of dimly-lit backstreets of East London in search of places where one of the most infamous murderers in history committed countless crimes.
  • An attempt to create the psychological profile of Jack the Ripper in order to bring his identity closer to revealing. Read more
  • The guided tour separates truths from myths related to the notorious murderer of the Victorian era in London.
  • What You'll Do:

  • Explore eery alleyways and backstreets of East London in search of crime scenes related to Jack the Ripper.
  • Hear various spine-chilling stories and speculations why the identity of one of the most notorious murderers in history remains shrouded in mystery.
  • Evoke the frightening atmosphere of Victorian London while walking scarcely-lit areas.
  • What It Includes:

  • A certified and acclaimed tour guide that specializes in this particular area.
  • Travellers Talk:

  • ou will see a lot of Jack the Ripper locations and the story is really good.
  • If you are remotely interested in the history and stories of Jack the Ripper, then I suggest this tour to you.
  • Both informative and enjoyable.
  • Is It Right:

  • If crime stories and mysteries are among your interests even remotely, you will have a great time by joining the guided tour.
  • Make sure before booking the tour that your fitness levels are at least average.
  • Taking the tour is also highly recommended to people interested to learn the dark side of Victorian London.
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Traditional English Walking Food Tour With London Food Tours

clock 3 hours 30 minutes
  • This is a tour into the culinary scenes of London which is fast becoming the most exciting food scenes of Europe.
  • A visit to more than 12 eateries/food locations that sell and produce lots of English classic cuisines including fish and chips, scones, cheeses, and scotch eggs. Read more
  • A tour into the historical overview of London's culinary culture, coupled with live commentary from a professional guide.
  • What You'll Do:

  • Dive into more than 12 food location in Borough Market and also see important landmarks like South, London Bridge and others.
  • Feast on locally produced foods and cuisines including scotch eggs, locally - made cheese, sweet candy made out of 150-year-old recipe, clotted creams, regional teas, cider, scallops, sausages, chutney and lots more.
  • Learn more about the connection of London with International English foods as you hear stories from your knowledgeable guide.
  • What It Includes:

  • A 3 hours 30 minutes (approx.) London food tour
  • 10 food - tastings in over 12 food locations
  • Tour alongside a Professional Local tour guide
  • Small - group tour limited to 10 people for personalized experience of each traveler
  • Drinks: Cream tea and other regional teas.
  • Travellers Talk:

  • It was a great outing, I had the best of times as well as the best tastings of London cuisines.
  • A fantastic tour indeed. Even words of dictionary are not enough to describe the awesomeness of this tour.
  • Is It Right:

  • Food - lover will not want to miss this tour for anything on their visit to London.
  • A beautiful choice for families or friends to have nice time with one another.
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Professional Private Photoshoot in London

clock 1 hour 30 minutes
  • In this private photoshoot I shall take you through to the most picturistic and beautiful locations in London, while I capture you with the fascinating views and character of this amazing city.

    I'll give you tips with poses to be the best of you in front of the camera, so it will be fun and an enjoyable experience!

    We will walk...Read more

Piccadilly and Polonium: A Self-Guided Tour of the Alexander Litvinenko Affair

clock 1 hour 20 minutes
  • As an intelligence guide and writer, I've been researching, creating, and delivering in-person tours on THE INTELLIGENCE TRAIL for many years. Clients include members of the intelligence, military and diplomatic communities from around the world.

    I created this self-guided GPS London Solo Spy Tour so you can enjoy a content-rich,...Read more

Londinium's Footprint: Explore London's Roman wall on a self-guided audio tour

clock 60 to 120 minutes
  • Roam in the footsteps of the ancients…and the medieval, and the Victorians, and pretty much all of London’s inhabitants throughout history. Become a part of Londinium’s tradition.

    This tour has you walking the literal path where the Romans established London’s boundary two thousand years ago. The wall that surrounded that ancient...Read more

London Engagement / Secret Marriage Proposal near St Paul's Cathedral

clock 1 hour
  • If you are planning on holding a secret marriage proposal in London, I would be happy to assist you with the planning process.
    This is an engagement /marriage proposal near St Paul's Cathedral , but we can customise the place for you.
    After the proposal you will have an engagement photo session in the nearest area.
    After booking I can...Read more

Private London Tour with Film Scenes from the Harry Potter Movies

clock 3 hours
  • Immerse in the fantastic universe of Harry Potter. This private tour by London is created in collaboration with the most devoted fans of the best-selling books and series of movies about a young wizard. The tour is perfect for families with kids (they go free) and it delivers an opportunity to see more than 10 places in London where the movie...Read more

Changing of the Guard Walking Tour

clock 1 hour 30 minutes
  • You may be thinking that the best place to view the Changing of the Guard is at the gates of Buckingham Palace but this is not the case.
    It's often overcrowded and the chance of you seeing much can be somewhat disappointing.
    Most of the best vantage points happen away from the Palace, and on this tour you will be able to get much...Read more

Wimbledon Tennis and Museum Tour

clock 4 hours
  • Welcome to the world-renowned temple of tennis. This tour is expertly guided by a friendly Blue Badge Guide, where you will learn about how the grass is cared for and how the site is improved and developed each year. You will have the opportunity to explore the facilities provided for the press, broadcasters and of course, the world’s best...Read more

St James, London . Explore the fascinating heart of Establishment London

clock 3 hours
  • Join me for a fascinating and in depth ramble through this beautiful part of London. We will get to see parts of this area not on the usual tourist trails and you'll have my wealth of information to exploit.

    Would you like to know what James Bond smelt like

    How much did Lord Byron weigh

    How did a mole assassinate a King...Read more