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Dora Stratou Greek dances lesson & Show in Athens

clock 4 hours
  • It is a theatre performance at Dora Stratou Greek dance theatre in Athens that allows participants enjoy the spectacular scenery of ancient greek dance performance in costumes made centuries ago by very important villagers.
  • It is a piece of ancient Greek music and dance performance with your preferred performance option, time and date and also dance lessons from professional traditional dancers. Read more
  • It an insight on the ancient dance and music culture of the greeks with a display of historical costumes, jewellery and dance steps.
  • What You'll Do:

  • You will get admission into the popular dance theatre, Dora Stratou Greek dance theatre in Athens and enjoy a display of Greek’s historical culture.
  • You will marvel at the steps of the professional traditional dancers as they move to the rhythm of ancient Greek tunes dressed in historic costumes and jewellery.
  • You can choose your preferred touring time and date from the several options available and get a complimentary dance lesson from the best traditional dancers in the region.
  • What It Includes:

  • Confirmation at the time of booking.
  • Admission into Dora Stratou dance theatre.
  • All fees, taxes and charges handling.
  • Cultural dance display.
  • Greek dance lessons for beginners with a souvenir diploma.
  • Not wheelchair accessible.
  • Stroller accessible.
  • Near public transportation.
  • Participants should have at least moderate physical fitness.
  • It is a private tour activity, only your group will take part.
  • Travellers Talk:

  • Most people who took part in this tour loved the experience they said the dance steps were really good and the costumes looked unique.
  • People liked the dance lessons, they said it was a great experience and their tutors were very nice and professional.
  • Is It Right:

  • It includes a cultural dance show at one of the most popular dance theatre in Athens, Dora Stratou dance with a display of some historical costumes.
  • This tour offers participants a great experience including dance lessons and a beginners diploma.
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A unique& Interactive experience!

clock 2 hours
  • This is an activity tour that helps you learn more about the Greek history, culture and traditions as you walk majestically to the Philopappos Hill.
  • A visit to the wonderful hill of Philopappos to see Athens city as a whole from another point of view as you stand on top of it. Read more
  • It is a walking tour that is uniquely packaged for you to have personalized experience with a guide who knows so much about what Athens is in the past and the present.
  • What You'll Do:

  • Hike the hill of Philopappos near Acropolis to enjoy beautiful views of the Greek capital and water areas surrounding it.
  • A full - filled activity awaits! You will have the chance to recreate yourself as a Greek warrior and reenact the movement, strategy and hold their war equipment as if you were one of them.
  • Visit some important landmarks like Acropolis, Philopappos Hill, Philopappos Monument, Pnyx, Prison of Socrates and so on.
  • Prepare your camera to take shots of those breathtaking moments you'll have on this awesome tour.
  • What It Includes:

  • 2 hours (approx.)
  • Ancient Greek Equipment, regalia and replicating themed environment
  • Refreshments: Snacks and Bottled Water
  • An athletic experience (animation)
  • Entry into Acropolis
  • Photo shoot session
  • Travellers Talk:

  • We did not only get a hike up the hill, we were also filled with fun, entertainment and lots of history - telling by our guide
  • This is indeed unique and a fun - filled option. We were glad we went for it
  • Is It Right:

  • This is one of the best tours in Athens for you, it exposes you to many things you could have missed if you decide to walk around on your own
  • A perfect option for family's outing, friends " hangout or couple's day date
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Learn Greek in a Day

clock 4 hours
  • A useful, fun-filed educational activity for the whole family. Unlock the secrets of the Greek language

    A fascinating activity for all members of the family

    -Learn how to read and write in Greek
    -Start using useful Greek words and expressions
    -Be able to recognize the Greek words used in the English language
    -Learn how to...Read more

Hike & Yoga in the Heart of Athens

clock 3 to 4 hours
  • Athens holds so many secrets. From the Agoras to The Phlipappou Hill and the Kerameikos to the National Garden, serene and iconic places are everywhere deep in the city. Hills in the heart of Athens give the opportunity for great hikes and all of them hold secrets I won't reveal yet. Either it will be the Lycabettus or the Philopappou and the...Read more

Athens by nights.

clock 4 hours
  • live like locals, tasting different traditional wines and local food, see and dance traditional Greek dance and music.
    The tavern has 400 seats. Free high-speed WiFi internet is available to every customer. Every place inside the tavern has a strong signal. Access to the internet is fast and without any restriction.

    Our chicken, lamb and...Read more

A Day at the Old School

clock 1 hour
  • Come take a journey through time, we will travel to the old school. In the classroom the strict (but fair) teacher will be waiting us, as we sit in the old wooden desks and relive our school years.

    Take out from your satchel, the slate and the pencils and the lesson starts!

    And if you're good we are going to play the old games:...Read more

Private-Your Own Ancient Calculating Mechanism workshop (Antikythera Mechanism)

clock 4 hours
  • The tour will start from the Museum of Ancient Greek Technology Kostas Kotsanas.
    First, in one hour guided tour you will have the opportunity to experience the technological achievements of Ancient Greeks. Later on in our "Make Your Own Calculating mechanism in Antiquity Workshop", and under the guidance of the Museum’s experts staff, you...Read more

Private: Acropolis - Dance as all the Greeks do - Wine Tasting

clock 4 hours
  • At SYMPOSIUM we will find ourselves at the perfectly recreated atmosphere of the throne chamber and the throne of King Minos itself, drink wine in the special glasses used by the Ancient Minoan Greeks eat Greek delicacies and learn everything about how wine was made in those times. You will enjoy the living excitement of the freedom of expression...Read more

Athens Salsa Lovers dancing experience

clock 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Great opportunity to meet with like new people, network, share some similar interests, culture, make friends and to practice your salsa moves. We will take you to the most popular salsa venue in...Read more

Wine tasting and sculpting lessons

clock 2 hours
  • Escape to the Minoan era and live a smashing experience.Bring all your senses to full awareness by discovering how wine and art was made in ancient times. Book now and live this first-time...Read more

Discover your talent in sculpture, in a country where golden section was born.

clock 2 hours
  • Bring your mercurial and your talent and discover ancient Greek sculpture. Make your own souvenir with the ancient Greek tools under the guidance by our famous...Read more

Yoga Session In Nature at Athens By The Sea

clock 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Exersice Yoga in a picturesque scenary.

    Personal Experienced and Certified Instructor.

    You can take a walk at Athens Riviera or a swim soon...Read more

History & Democracy in classical Athens, Experiential Workshop at Pnyx

clock 1 hour 40 minutes
  • Discover Athens' legacy with this small-group alternative experience that delves into the bright and the dark side of Democracy, during the Pericle's Golden Century; and the historical facts behind it. Head to the site of Pnyx for an interactive session, featuring dialogues and role-play. Become a citizen of classical Athens, through a journey...Read more

Philosophy experiential workshop at Plato's Academy Park and Digital Museum

clock 1 hour 40 minutes
  • Become a Plato’s student, with this small-group, highly interactive, alternative workshop for beginners, featuring dialogues, debates, role-plays and team games. Led by a facilitator with a background in Classical Studies, this experience will allow you to apply Plato's Philosophy in modern life, through exploration of his famous ''Allegory of...Read more

Discover Homer in the National Garden, Epic Poetry Workshop on Weekends

clock 1 hour 40 minutes
  • A unique, authentic, interactive experience! Immerse yourself in the Homeric World, travelling back in the times of heroes and monsters. Become another Odysseus or Achilles discovering the deeper meanings of the Homeric characters and their actions....Read more

Natural Cosmetics Workshop

clock 3 hours
  • The courses are uniquely made to offer the participant an interesting and fun class. Every participant gets the chance to use the knowledge from the class and formulate his/her own product from beginning to end and take it with...Read more

Crochet your own evil eye!

clock 3 hours
  • Everyone has heard of the evil eye but it takes a local to explain exactly what it is! In addition, our experience will take place in a beautiful renovated old house, built in 1930's and set in an original Athenian neighbourhood, next to the city centre and metro station. We will taste greek coffee and traditional greek "koulouri" and we will talk...Read more

Make your own Athenian Mosaic souvenir to take back home in just 3 hours!

clock 3 hours
  • This unique mosaic experience is suitable for people who are complete beginners wanting to try a taster session of mosaic. After the time spent with us you will have created your own tangible memory of Greece.

    All the motifs and patterns are inspired by our Greek inheritance. There is a special collection dedicated to motifs from Athenian...Read more

Like an ancient...5 hours Mosaic making immersion,making your own to take home!

clock 5 hours
  • This unique mosaic experience is suitable for people who are complete beginners wanting to try a taster session of mosaic. After the time spent with us you will have created your own tangible memory of Greece.
    All the motifs and patterns are inspired by our Greek inheritance. There is a special collection dedicated to motifs from Athenian...Read more

Terrace Concert with songs from Minor Asia next to Stavros Niarchos Foundation

clock 2 hours
  • During our activity you will keep away from the touristic traps. You will have the chance to attend a terrace concert with rare songs from Minor Asia by two modern Athenian musicians. Our concert will be hosted in our place, where we play and work. There, we will have the opportunity to share with you the historical background of the area and era...Read more