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Athens Treasure Hunt

clock 4 hours
  • The ultimate treasure hunt! Follow the directions, hunt for clues and solve riddles, view fascinating landmarks and lesser-known gems in a fun way

    Interact with locals, learn about our way of life, taste treats and drinks that locals relish and get the true feeling of our city! A perfect solution for a group of friends, a school or a...Read more

Treasure Hunt in Ancient Athens

clock 2 hours
  • This favourite family walking tour is designed to offer children and parents the most entertaining but also learning experience about the Greek cultural heritage.

    The treasure hunt unfolds in the alleys of the area of Plaka. Like other pirates, we follow the map to begin the journey in time. Having the help of the History we will discover...Read more

The Acropolis Treasure Hunt

clock 3 hours
  • Ian Blake, an Archaeology Professor has gone missing during his research trip in Athens. Can you help us locate him?

    Treasure Hunting is an alternative, engaging and fun way of exploring classical destinations, combining the thrill of the game along with unique sight-seeing of the area, offering far more than a conventional walking...Read more

Zombie Scavengers Game - Athens, GA

clock 1 hour
  • Zombie Scavengers tests your ability to survive after a Zombie Apocalypse. The game leads you through the city, where you will have 60 minutes to collect survival items for your colony.
    The Setting:
    Small colonies of the living are doing all they can to survive. You and your team have been tasked with scavenging for survival supplies for...Read more

Operation City Quest Scavenger Hunt - Athens, GA

clock 2 hours
  • Using an app on your smartphone, you'll be given nearly 120 objects to find during your scavenger hunt. You'll then wander throughout the downtown area searching for the items. Once you've found the object, you'll send a photo in to score points. Along the way, you will perform challenges for even more points. You'll have 13 categories of objects...Read more

Hire Photographer, Professional Photo Shoot - Athens

clock 1 hour
  • Glamorous professional photo shoot in unique Athens locations.
    The Photo Experience will create amazing photo memories from your visit. You will be able to see undiscovered locations, and get the best photo story from your Athens visit. We can tailor each photo shoot to meet your requirements.

    Our Photoshoots are ideal for any...Read more

Replayce Friends Bonding. 1 1/2 hours of unique experience with your friends.

clock 1 hour 30 minutes
  • It is an innovative educational program, in which everyone has the feeling of playing, having fun, laughing, getting excited, but at the same time receiving Knowledge that enables him to internally empower at all levels. This is an innovation that works only at the OAKA in the field of Replayce training, with the aim of creating Positive Habits....Read more

Outdoor city escape game with guiding - Athens

clock 2 hours
  • This tour combines walking, playing and learning. There are no extra costs, no entry fees , no objects, no guides. Everything you need is included in the app we offer. You will have an amazing time wandering around the city and learning info about the most important attractions of the city. It is highly recommended for families, friends, couples,...Read more

Private Athens Family Treasure Hunt

clock 3 hours
  • Are you ready for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure along with your loved ones? Can you be adventurous, curious, wise and defiant? Put on your most comfortable attire and get ready to explore the history, mythology, and culture of Athens while trying to solve puzzles and follow clues. Both you and your family will absolutely love our family-friendly...Read more

Athens Old City Treasure Hunt with a Tablet and Game App

clock 2 hours
  • We provide you with a tablet & a customized software installed, which encourages engagement with your surroundings & cooperation between all players.
    Enjoy the huge potential of up-to-date technology, combined with a great variety of types of games. Use tools like maps, GPS coordinates, puzzles, riddles, quizzes, pictures & videos. Get to know...Read more

Acropolis Museum Treasure Hunt with a Tablet & Game App

clock 2 hours
  • We provide you with a tablet & a customized software installed, which encourages engagement with the exhibits of the Museum. Through a number of interactive puzzles, riddles, quizzes, pictures & videos, players guide themselves through the magnificent Acropolis Museum, having fun & simultaneously getting to know about the important artifacts...Read more