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Learn Greek in a Day

clock 4 hours
  • A useful, fun-filed educational activity for the whole family. Unlock the secrets of the Greek language

    A fascinating activity for all members of the family

    -Learn how to read and write in Greek
    -Start using useful Greek words and expressions
    -Be able to recognize the Greek words used in the English language
    -Learn how to...Read more

A Day at the Old School

clock 1 hour
  • Come take a journey through time, we will travel to the old school. In the classroom the strict (but fair) teacher will be waiting us, as we sit in the old wooden desks and relive our school years.

    Take out from your satchel, the slate and the pencils and the lesson starts!

    And if you're good we are going to play the old games:...Read more

History & Democracy in classical Athens, Experiential Workshop at Pnyx

clock 1 hour 40 minutes
  • Discover Athens' legacy with this small-group alternative experience that delves into the bright and the dark side of Democracy, during the Pericle's Golden Century; and the historical facts behind it. Head to the site of Pnyx for an interactive session, featuring dialogues and role-play. Become a citizen of classical Athens, through a journey...Read more

Philosophy experiential workshop at Plato's Academy Park and Digital Museum

clock 1 hour 40 minutes
  • Become a Plato‚Äôs student, with this small-group, highly interactive, alternative workshop for beginners, featuring dialogues, debates, role-plays and team games. Led by a facilitator with a background in Classical Studies, this experience will allow you to apply Plato's Philosophy in modern life, through exploration of his famous ''Allegory of...Read more

Discover Homer in the National Garden, Epic Poetry Workshop on Weekends

clock 1 hour 40 minutes
  • A unique, authentic, interactive experience! Immerse yourself in the Homeric World, travelling back in the times of heroes and monsters. Become another Odysseus or Achilles discovering the deeper meanings of the Homeric characters and their actions....Read more