Greece Islands Weather, Best Beaches, Which palce to Stay in Athens, Mykonos, Santorini, Crete?

Fascinating Facts About Greece Islands - 2018 - updated

Top 10 Beaches in Greece Islands?

There are so many countless beaches in Greece which are exotic and superb. However, below is the list of the top 10 beaches in the island:-

Super Paradise Beach

1. Super Paradise Beach, Mykonos

This beach has crystalline waters, golden sand and has a variety of multi-starred services. It can also be described as a vast, sandy bay with translucent turquoise water. This beach is worldwide known as the best in Aegean and has been ranked as one of the Greece beautiful places to visit.


2. Sarakiniko Beach, Milos

It is covered white milky white volcanic rock which is soft like chalk. On several occasions the winds and the waves the form intriguing shapes. It also has green waters which occasionally turn shade of blue as you approach its shores.


3. Lalaria Beach, Skiatho

This beach is worldwide known for its stunning scenery and it's known as the islands trademark. It is covered with smooth white pebbles found under the towering sheers rocks. This attracts a thousand of tourists on daily basis who flock to come and see it. It also has emerald waters.


4. Kolymbithres Beach, Paros

This is also a very famous beach that is tucked into Naoussa's bay. It has extremely gorgeous bluish green waters. It has smooth grayish like rocks that are chiseled into phantasmagorical shapes which are also interspersed with golden coves of different sizes.


5. Voidokoilia Beach, Peloponnese

It has white sand and is surrounded by delicious bluish green waters. It has a classical environment making it ranked as one of the top most beaches in Greece top ten beaches. Recently, photos of this beach went viral and now attracting millions of people.


6. Balos Beach, Crete

It is the most exotic beach in Greece. It is considered as the most finest in the Mediterranean Sea. It lies on the western side on Crete bordering Kissamo. It has pink and white sand glistens and blue green waters. The place has Venetian castle making it have the fairy tale scenery.

7. Porto Katsiki Beach, Lefkas

It is located at the foot of a gigantic white cliff that occasionally turns orange with the sunset. It is known as one of the beaches you could visit in the Mediterranean Sea.

Canal D' Amour Beach

8. Canal D' Amour Beach, Corfu

It has white sculpted rocks, blue green waters as well as grottoes. One of the most outstanding beliefs about this beach is that they believe that whoever will be able to swim across that narrow opening of the rock tend to find the life time lover on the other side.


9. Myrtos Beach, Kefalonia

It is a breath taking beach found between Argostoli and Assos. It has white sand, blue waters at the foot of the high cliff as well as fine pebbles. It has been ranked among the most famous beaches in Greece because of its uniqueness.


10. Shipwreck Bay Beach, Zakynthos

It has very clear waters which is great for diving in. It also has magical setting with sheer white cliffs, white sand and turquoise water. Several people visit this island with Panayiotis (a very old boat) and take snapshots as well as videos when on it. This made it very famous for the past years.

How long does it take to Ferry/ Aircraft from Athens to Santorini to Mykonos to Crete?

Blue ferry travels from Athens to Santorini on a daily basis leaving at exactly 7:30 am. They also have daily flights. Some of the primary airlines from Athens to Santorini are EasyJet, Aegean Airline, Olympic Air and Ryan Air.

The best website to search for flights from Athens to Santorini is . is the best place where you could get to find time and ferry routes. But if you want to book a ferry directly you go directly to the ferry's company website which is as follows:-

How expensive/Cost is it to go to Greece?

Below is the average daily cost/expense you can incur to visit Greece.

  • Food for 1 day:£27
  • Travelling:£106
  • Hotel for a couple:£110
  • Bottled water:£2.38
  • Accommodation for 1 person in a hotel or hostel:£55
  • Local transportation:£21
  • Entertainment:£14
  • Intercity Transportation:£50
  • Tips and Handouts:£14
  • Alcohol:£10
  • Taxi ride:£7
  • Coffee:£1.80

Pre-booking a hotel as early as possible is excellent as prices for hotels rarely go down. This is good because you will get a chance to stay in best rooms within the hotel. However, if you are looking for a business hotel, booking it on a weekend is good as they normally have discounts on weekends.

When you want to book a hotel, it is encouraged that you go for the highest rated ones. And once you do that, you need to contact the hotel directly and ask if they can beat the rates you found online. Then you need to send them an email to confirm your stay. In addition to that, you can request for other special offers too in advance.

Which are Best places to stay in Athens?

  1. Plaka


    It has narrow medieval style street lane with ancient sites and ruins. It is lined up with very many cafe and restaurants and is good for tourists. This area has both expensive and affordable accommodations for everyone. The area is quiet and not far from popular places.

  1. Psirri

    It has great bars and clubs. It is best for the youth as well as for vibrant nightlife. It is located in the old part of the city. It is surrounded with restored houses and classical Mediterranean architecture.

  1. Kalonaki

    This is the most expensive area to stay in Athens. The place has expensive accommodation. It is located on the slopes of Mount Lycabettus. Its street is full of private art galleries, restaurants and boutiques.

  1. Thissio

    It is located at the foot of Acropolis and is quite closer to Plans. It is full of cafes, bars and neoclassical buildings. This area has great places to visit such as Stavlos (it used to be a royal table) and National Observatory (which has been a mansion since 1800's).

What is the most beautiful/best island in Greece?

  1. Santorini


    It is famous for its stunning sunsets, dramatic views, active volcano and whitewashed houses. It is perfect for romance and honeymoon. Some of the activities you could in Santorini include:-

    • Hiking at the caldera path between Fira and Oia
    • Touring the Caldera by boat
    • Swimming at Ammoudi Beach bay
    • Watching the sunset at Oia
    • Swimming on the hot springs
    • Visiting the ancient Pygros and Akrotis
    • Exploring the path of, alleys and stairwell of Oia
    • Walking on Skaros Rock from Old Port to Fira or from Ammoudi bay up to Oia etc.

    Some of the famous beaches in Santorini include Red Beach, Kamari Beach, White Beach, Vychada, Cape Columbo and Perrissa. All these beaches are family friendly to everyone. Some of the famous excursion and tours in Santorini are as follows:-

    • Private show Excursion
    • Santorini Shore Excursion
    • Customizable Santorini Tour
    • Explore Akrotiri Private Tour
    • Santorini Private Wine and Tour
    • Caldera Cruise at Sunset
    • Catamaran Day Cruise
    • Walk on Volcano
    • Outdoor Cinema in Kamari

    It is the most romantic destination especially for honeymooners in Greece. They have many clubs that play wide collection of music time. Fira is where most of its wildest nightlife happens.

  1. Mykonos


    It is the top most destinations for crazy and active night life. It has a stunning picturesque island with a maze of tiny street and whitewashed step lanes. It street is lined with several small shops, cafes, bars, restaurants, boutiques and art galleries. It has modern vibrant clubs surrounded by exciting beaches. Some of the beaches around Mykonos include Paradise Beach, Super Paradise Beach and Psarrou Beach.

    Mykonos has a very presentable atmosphere for fun and it favors all cosmopolitan. They play great music and most of its clubs do not close till dawn. They also have mixed and gay clubs venues which normally organize for queen shows. There is so much to do in Mykonos apart from partying. You can visit or tour the following places:-

    • Luxury sail Excursion
    • Archaeological site of Delos
    • Little Venice
    • The windmill
    • GoDive Mykonos
    • Catamaran sailing cruise
    • Yummy pedals etc.
  1. Crete


    It is the largest and most populated island in Greek. It is like paradise where you can seek high adventure and fun during holidays. It has a variety of hotels, night clubs, beautiful beaches, good accommodation and scenic mountains. It is also great for outdoor activities such as horse riding, swimming, hiking and mountain climbing. Other activities you could do in Crete are;-

    • Nature and wide life tours
    • Individual walk for Orchids in Zaros by Eleonas Country Village
    • Foraging and Culinary tour
    • Speed Boat Safari
    • Winery Tour
    • Bee keeping and Honey making
    • Traditional cooking Workshop with local ingredients
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  1. Rhodes

    It is best for visitors who love history. It is located near the coast of Turkey. It is packed with historic treasures like the Temple of Apollo, Governors Palace, Rhodes Footbridge, medieval Old Town and so much more. It has popular beaches and charming villages. Rhodes has bustling bars to late night clubs where you can enjoy partying all night long. Some of the famous beaches in Rhodes include Lindos Beach, Ladiko, Kallithea, Tsambika, Afandou, Prassonissi, Filiraki Beach, Kolympia, Theogos Beach and Ladiko Anthony Quinn. Activities you can engage in Rhodes are as follows:-

    • Visiting the ancient
    • Discovering the panoramic views
    • Visiting the picturesque Lindos
    • Exploring the Rhodes Old Town
    • Travel around the Island
    • Enjoying a boat or ferry trip to Marmaris in Turkey
    • Partying
    • Swimming
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  1. Skiathos


    It has vast hills, sandy beaches and plenty of nature conservatory and wide life. It is good for nature lovers. It also has stunning attractions such as stunning museums, monasteries, medieval castles and Byzantine Church. Skiathos has impressive beaches in Greek which are surrounded with a forest of pines. Most of its beaches in the southern area are organized with sunbeds, umbrella and water sports. Those that are on the northern part are good for naturalists. Below is a list of beaches in Skiathos:-

    • Lalaria beach
    • Koukounaries
    • Banana beach
    • Kanapitsa
    • Vromolimnos
    • Agia Paraskevi
    • Ahladies
    • Kolios
    • Troulos
    • Vassilias etc.

    Some of the activities to o in Skiathos are:-

    • Exploring the island to discover the beaches, sightseeing and the villages.
    • Diving
    • Participating in water sports with other fun games at Skiathos beaches
    • Partying at the night clubs
    • Horse riding in the forests and at the beach
    • Discovering catamaran and so much more.

    Skiathos has numerous numbers of bars and night clubs that suits everyone's tastes. They experience liveliest parties and most people who attend are the youth. People normally dance inside and outside the clubs.

  1. Corfu


    It is one of the best islands offering a variety of everything with blended ethnic culture. It has charming old town laced with varying architectural styles of Greek, British, Italian and French past. It has beautiful beaches, modern museums and is good for vibrant night life.

    Activities you can do in Corfu include:-

    • Relaxing at the beach
    • Yachting
    • Surfing and sailing
    • Hiking
    • Fishing on the shores
    • Cycling to remote villages
    • Playing golf, tennis and cricket
    • Safari Tours
    • Bird watching especially winter as they migrate

    Attractions you can visit in Corfu include Old Fortress, the Esplanade, New Fortress, Church of St. Spyridon, Mos Repos, The Church of Saints Jason and Sosipater , the Royal Place, Corfu Archaeological Museum, Mouse Island and the Achilleion . Some of the best beaches you can visit in Corfu include Paleokastritsa, Agio Gordios, Glyfada, Myrtiossa, Nissaki, Sidari Canal d Amour, Agios Georgious Pagon and Issos .Corfu experience live bands and beachside partying. It has numerous bars and clubs with affordable drinks and where you could party at night.

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  1. Chios


    It is situated in the centre of the island. The most notable historical site in this island is Nea Moni. They have good traditional activities most favourable during Easter. Locals living there usually practice friendly church war during Easter Service. Known beaches in Chios include Emporios Mavros Gialos, Karfas, Vrondados, Agia Fotini, Trahili, Didima, Lithi, Megas Limnionas, Agia Irini and Apothyka.

    Activities to do in Chios include:-

    • Visiting the villages, sightseeing and beaches
    • Attending religious events and feasts
    • Going for organized tours and excursions
    • Scuba diving at the old wreck and sea caves
    • Swimming at the beach

    Places you can visit in Chios include:-

    • Korais Library & Philip Argenti Museum
    • Chios Mastic Museum
    • Cave of Skia Olymbi
    • Anavatos
    • Churches of the Taxiarhes
    • Church of Agios Apostolos
    • Agio Galas Cave
    • Nea Moni
    • Giustiniani Palace Museum

    The most and frequent tour in Chios is the boat trip to Izmir and Cesme. However, they also have organized tours by bus where you can visit castles, the medieval villages, monasteries and fishing ports.

    It has a varied nightlife with numerous bars and limited night clubs with music of all kinds. Most of its life is concentrated at Karfas where they have a lot of bars and clubs surrounding it.

  1. Samos

    It is the sunniest destination in Europe. It has stunning beach pebble and has crystal clear waters. Other interesting attractions within it include the Rains of the Temple of Hera and the Eupalinian aqueduct. Night life in Samos is great. It has relaxing confined discos, restaurants and bars. Places you can experience crazy night life in Samos are in Pythagorion town and Karlovassi town. The clubs play all sort of music including Greek live music.

    Samos is surrounded with a good number of beaches. They include Livadaki Beach, Tsamadu Beach, Lemonakia Beach, Kokkari Beach, Potami Beach, Pappa Beach, Psili Ammos, Balos Beach, Sunrise Beach and Kampos Beach. Attractiosn you can visit while in Samos include Pythagorion, Monastery of Panagia Spilian, Heraion, Aqueduct of Eupalionos, Samos Town, Samoa Archaelogical Museum, Mikro Seitan Beach and so much more.

    Activities to do in Samos include:-

    • Windsurfing and kite surfing
    • Attending festival, cultural and religious feasts
    • Exploring the island and getting to discover the beaches, villages and sightseeing
    • Going for organized tours and excursion
    • Scuba diving
  1. Kos


    It has long strips with clean, white beaches and is surrounded with rich soils. They grow grapes, wheat, olives, figs and so much more. It has great beaches with good relaxing atmosphere. It also has a variety of restaurants, nightclubs and bars. Most of its nightlife is based in Diakon and Nafklirou. These two streets have lined up bars and clubs where they host wild parties every single day. They play massive variety of music including jazz, blues, electronic music, modern pop and rocks.

    Majority of the beaches in Kos are sandy with crystal blue waters. They include Mastiachari Beach, Thermes, Kefalos Beach, Agios Stefanos, Paradise, Kardamena Beach, Tigaki, Mamari, Psalidi and Lambi. Kos has numerous attractions namely Paleo Pili, Asklepion, Roman Odeon of Kos, Western Archaelogical Zone, archaeological Museum of Kos, Basilica of Agios Stefanos, Antimacha Castle and Eleftherias Square. Some of the exciting activities in Kos include;-

    • Windsurfing at the beach
    • Exploring the island
    • Scuba diving
    • Water sport
    • Kite surfing
    • Horse riding experience with family and friends
    • Attending religious feasts, festivals and cultural events on the island and so much more.
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  1. Paros


    It is a picturesque Greek Isles with charming old town, vibrant vines of bougainville and white washed building. It has a variety range of night clubs, bars and restaurants. It has plenty beaches good for holding parties, wind surfing and for kite surfing. One of the best beaches to wind surf is the Golden Beach and the New Golden Beach. Other popular beaches in Paros include Faragas Beach, Kolymbithres, Santa Maria, Monastiri, Chrissi Akti, Ambelas, Molos and Piperi etc.

    Some of the activities you can engage in while in Paros include:-

    • Scuba diving
    • Wind surfing
    • Kite surfing
    • Exploring the islands attractions, villages and the beaches
    • Shopping
    • Sailing
    • Water sports
    • Horse riding
    • Doing yoga
    • Going for drawing, printing and printmaking classes
    • Going for organized tours and excursions
    • Swimming

    It is known for its cosmopolitan, wild and exciting nightlife. It has many drinking, clubbing and dancing venues. Paros also has a variety of vibrant live music clubs, beach clubs and vibrant night clubs. Its two main active destinations for night clubs are Naoussa and Parikia.

What is the best area to stay in Santorini?

The best areas to stay in Santorini are Fira, Firostani, Pia and Imerovigli. These towns are located on Santorini cliff with a great view of volcano, caldera and sunset. Best hotels are within these four towns.

What is the best time of year / hottest month to go to Greece?

Below is the general average monthly temperature for the following islands in Greece.

April May June July Aug Sept Oct


15.5 19.5 23.5 24 24.5 21.5 16


18 21 24.5 26 25.5 23.5 21


12 14.5 18 20 20 18 20


16 22.5 22.5 24.5 24.5 22.5 19


16 18.5 23 24.4 24.7 22 19.5


19 22.5 26 29 29 26 22.5
  • Athens

  • The best time to go to Athens is between March and May and between September and November.
  • Santorini

  • For honeymoon: June and September
  • To save cost: March, April, May, October and November
  • Beach activities: June to September
  • Mykonos

  • Beach life: June and Mid September
  • Hiking: April and May
  • Crete

  • Best time to visit: May and June (sea is warmer). Perfect time for hiking.
  • Heraklion

  • Best time for swimming: late May and early October
  • Best time for sightseeing: March, April, May, October and early November
  • Best time for Island hopping: late April and early November
  • Best time to save money: April, May and October
  • Rhodes

  • Best time to visit: mid March to May
  • Best time for swimming: June to October
  • Best time to visit the ancient ruins: April and May

What is the best area to stay in Santorini?

Aria Suites

Aria Suites

It is offers visitors with a combination of private luxurious accommodation with central locations at Fira. Some of the famous attraction near it includes Archaelogical Museum of Thira, Santorini Cable Car, The Castle of Skaros and Santorini Wines.

Benefits for choosing Aria Suites

  • Provides guests with combined private luxurious accommodation
  • Free WIFI
  • Fully equipped with mini bar fridge, satellite, laptop and pool towel
  • Offers natural bath amenities
  • 24 hour desk front desk services
  • Special arrangements can be made for massage, special therapies and beauty treatment.

Markezinis Suites

Markezinis Suites

It is good for families. Other special offers in this hotel includes

  • Have many restaurants, shops and big supermarket near it
  • Offers free breakfast and variety of dishes for both cold and hot
  • Allow visitors to use pool and facilities at the sister hotel Petit Palace
  • Offers good restaurants and bar services
  • Best view where you can watch sunset over the Caldera
  • Has speed WIFI
  • Free packing
  • Professional staffs

Some of the nearest attractions near it include Santorini Port, Art Santorini , Museum of Prehistoric Thera, Ancient Thera, White Beach, Red Beach and Megaro Gyzi.

Kirini Suites & Spa

Kirini Suites

It is a 5 star hotel decorated with traditional architecture and multi-leveled terraces, perches from cliff and overlooking blue waters of Aegean Sea. Some of the attractions near it include Nam Midi Art Shop and Oia Treasures Art Gallery.

Additional advantages include:-

  • 24 hour front desk services
  • Daily house keeping
  • Has recreational facilities including hiking trails, wind surfing, snorkelling and hot tub.
  • Has additional luxury amenities like pool area and new spa
  • Each suite has satellites TV, hair dryer, mini bar and air conditioning
  • It is not far from Santorini Airport and Athinios Port
  • Convenient.
  • Has fitness centre
  • Has good caldera view

Aressana Spa Hotel & Suites

Aressana Spa Hotel

It is good for families as it provides a very peaceful base for visitors with good facilities and an outdoor pool area. Attraction near it includes Museum of Prehistoric Thera, Thira Art Gallery and Regional Health System Heath Care Centre of Thira.

Other additional benefits

  • Easy access from the airport
  • Is near several attractions
  • Free WIFI in all rooms
  • 24 hour front desk services
  • Has an inclusion of TV LCD/ plasma screen, towels, mirrors and slippers
  • Has fitness centre, hot tub and outdoor poor
  • Efficient luggage storage

Which Greek Island has the best nightlife?

  1. Mykonos

    It has several bars and clubs where you can even meet with worldwide known celebrities. It has famous beaches where you can hold wild parties such as Paradise, Super Paradise and Paranga. These beaches are surrounded by bars where parting is the order of the day.

  1. Zakynthos

    It has a stunning beach and nice bars which is very suitable for nightlife hub. Laganas, which is situated at the western side, has a very long strip of clubs and bars with loud music. They also have frequented vast groups of partygoers especially during summer.

  1. Skiathos

    It is one of busiest island is Greece and frequented by many partygoers. It has beautiful beaches and very exotic villages with many bars and clubs. This gives you a mass choices of where you want to party from.

  1. Kos

    It has a variety of bars and clubs which caters for all kinds of tastes. This clubs and bars have enough scenery to hold wild parties daily especially during peak seasons. It has been rated as the second best place for night life.

  1. Corfu

    It is also good for lively nightlife as it has extremely cool bars and clubs where you can experience great parties. It has open air night clubs, beach parties and a wide collection of bars.

What is the best time to travel to Santorini Greece?

The most appropriate and best time to travel in Greece is June or September. This is because during that period the weather is not too cold or too warm.

Greek islands with flights from UK Top Airports

1. London Heathrow Airport:

Airline Destination Cost as at January 14th 2018

British Airways


Aegean Airline

Multiple Airline

Athens Flying dates: January 1st to 15th May 2018


Flying date: January to 25th February 2018

Price: $ 76

Flying date: January to 10th May 2018


Flying date: January to 10th March 2018


2. London Luton Airport:

Airline Destination Cost as at January 14th 2018


Corfu Flying date : January to 22nd April 2018


Wizz Air

Multiple Airlines

Athens Flying dates: January to 3rd May 2018


Flying date: January to 21st February 2018



Heraklion Flying date: January to 16th April 2018


3. London Stanstead Airport:

Airline Destination Cost &nbp;

Ryan Air

Multiple Airline

Wizz Air

Athens Flying date: 17- 25th February 2018


Flying date: 25th April to 15th May 2018


Flying date: 25th April to 15th May 201


Ryan Air

Thessaloniki Flying date: 18th April to 23rd April 2018


4. Manchester Airport:

Airline Destination Cost as at January 14th 2018

Thomas Cook Airline

Heraklion Flying date: January 2018 to 3rd April 2018


Thomas Cook Airline

Rhodes Flying Date: January 2018 to 3rd April 2018


Thomas Cook Airline

Santorini Flying dates: January 2018 to 1ST of May 2018


Thomas Cook Airline

Kos Flying dates: January 2018 to 1st of may 2018


Thomas Cook Airline

Athens Flying dates: January 13th 2018 to 27th April


5. Birmingham Airport:

Airline Destination Cost as at January 14th 2018

Thomas Cook Airline

Heraklion Flying dates: January 2018 to 25th April 2018


Thomas Cook Airline

Zakynthos Flying dates: January 2018 to 2nd May 2018


Thomas Cook Airline

Athens Flying dates: January 17th to 27th March 2018


6. Liverpool Airport:

Airline Destination Cost at January 14th 2018


Athens Flying dates: from 3rd January 2018 to 5th March 2018


7. Leeds Airport:

Airline Destination Costas at January 14th 2018


Athens Flying dates: from January 8th to 12th May 2018


British Airways

Thessaloniki Price: $ 180
British Airways Kos Price: $ 237
British Airways Kefalonia Price: $ 261


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